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  1. IGN: Redlief Real Name: Luke Age: 16 Time spent on modded Minecraft: Nine solid months, took a three month break, and just getting back in the swing of things. Reason for joining: I have actually been looking for a server like yours with a backstory that I can be a part of. I'm really excited to be a part of it, and I hope to come up with some ideas from your server for my own.
  2. IGN: RedLief Age: 16 Tekkit Experience: About six months Good at: I took some time off to play voltz and am getting back into tekkit. I have a lot of experience building large underground bunkers and the like. I can do some basic programing on the computers, have a rudimentary knowledge on redstone (always willing to learn more) and have built a couple automated factories. An experienced piper, I have created vast networks of transportation piping. EE is something I excel at. If you need someone to hide something, I'm your man. I'd be a good addition to this server because of my experience. I have built many, many things, and am experienced with the workings of tekkit (I also want to make a rocket pad to build space shuttles to get to the moon). This also looks like a fantastic server, and I'm looking for a quiet one to relearn some of the parts of tekkit. Thank you for considering my humble application.
  3. Forgot to put in, if you need to contact me, best way it a PM on the forums.
  4. IGN: Redlief First Name: Luke I have neither skype nor steam Age: 15 I am very adept at building, having built many nuke worthy shelters, that are rarely breached. I tend to be on voltz for about 4 hours a week. I would love to be in your series. Very adept at hiding my bases and stealth ops. This would be a fun challenge. I have never played in a server like this, so it would be a new experience. I do tend to be a loner on servers though, so this would be right up my alley. I do have some recreational builds in the making right now, including a full size replica of Minas Terith, and a large, very expansive underground base that if I was ever able to build in a voltz server, would gaurantee safety for me from anything short of red matter and antimatter missiles.
  5. I just joined. I was talking to Andrew and refurring to some defenses that he should have to safeguard against missiles. I hope to join soon.
  6. Drew, now might be a good time to get some cruise missles and a launcher. Those things can knock missles out of the air pretty quick.
  7. I just stumbled across your server and it looks awesome. However, I couldn't find a mod list. Could you put out a list with all the mods that you have in this server in it? Thanks.
  8. Such as, monatix ore turns into four foramite when cooked in a furnace.
  9. Can we put the information here? I don't have a wiki user, but I have been experimenting for a bit.
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