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  1. Try this: [This is a three part process] Part One: [Fully Uninstall TechnicLauncher] Click on Finder to open a Finder window. Click on "Go" in your menubar, then "Go To Folder". Type in "~/Library/Application Support" without the quotation marks. Delete the folder "techniclauncher". Delete the Techniclauncher application. Part Two: [Downgrade to Apple's Java 6 instead of Oracle's Java 7] Go here and wait for the page to load. You should get something like this if you have Oracle's Java 7 installed. Once you verify that you have Oracle's Java 7 installed, click on Finder to open a new Finder window. In the search bar search "JavaAppletPlugin.plugin". [Note: Make sure that you select "This Mac"] Delete/Move "JavaAppletPlugin.plugin" to your trash. [Note: You will only be able to empty trash when your web browser, minecraft, techniclauncher, any application that uses java is closed] Go to your applications, go into the "Utilities" folder, and open Terminal. Paste this into the Terminal window and press [ENTER]. [Note: You will have to type in your password. Your password will not show up while typing, but it IS being inputted] Type "logout" into the Terminal window. Close and quit Terminal. Go here and wait for the page to load. Make sure that you no longer have Oracle's Java 7 installed anymore. Part Three: [Reinstall TechnicLauncher] Go here and download the latest Techniclauncher application for Mac OS X Open Techniclauncher after downloaded, and download all files needed for Technic/Tekkit/YogBox/HackMine/etc. to run by selecting the respective mod and typing in your credentials and clicking login. Technic/Tekkit/YogBox/HackMine/etc. should be working now.