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  1. Updated title to proper modpack version and added the ips for the individual servers. Thanks @agonii
  2. Well thats a start! we can work together to figure out some special stuff for the server!
  3. Would like to throw out there that HexTekk is looking for people experienced with mod/plugin development. We want to be able to customize the experience at hextekk for the most enjoyable server possible!
  4. Can't tell you! It's a secret, but I will say we are looking into adding our own custom modpack that can be used on our servers!
  5. I'd like to ask anyone having connection issues to post in the forums on the website. Seems to be a very limited issue
  6. added teamspeak integration to the website! come chat with the staff or your friends while you play!
  7. Server is running strong, we've opened additional player slots across all the servers! come join the largest legends server!
  8. Hey guys just wanted to let you know HexTekk Tekkit Legends has added a new SkyBlock world for a new way to play with the modpack!
  9. Yeah aerlyna you can apply on our forums at http://hextekk.us looking forward to reading your application!
  10. Sorry weeburd, everytime i try to sleep the server crashes!!! It's back up and running smooth! apparently i just need to stay awake 24/7 UPDATE: turns out a certain player has been crashing/lagging the server on purpose and has been banned we are back and running lag free!
  11. Hey guys sorry for the downtime the server has been fixed up and we're ready to get players back online! Cya in game soon!
  12. So this just started happening with the 1.0.6 update, whenever someone dies and tries to respawn. they are sent to the spawn spoilt but the world will unrender in front of you until you are left floating in midair, nothing fixes this other than re logging
  13. Sorry you feel that way potatoes! While I will admit things were rushed spawn/plugins etc, that was kind of my point. I saw lots of people yesterday when the pack first released that were looking for a server so I did what I could to get the server up ASAP for players to start enjoying the modpack right away! Now conveniently enough, I had no idea this modpack was even being released and had no intention of even starting a new server yesterday, but what I did have was a website set up around my already built and polished tekkit classic reborn server so the donation store and literally everythi
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