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  1. Na not yet, i'm gonna add one in the next update though. But this may take a while my laptop died a couple of says ago The button on the left of the fuel gauge, when the reactors are on though. I'll see what i can do, but first my new laptop needs to arrive so it'll be at least a week until i can start on it. Yeah well in the next update i'm hoping to implement computer craft in some way. Lol i know the temptation of using the floor oh well. Yeah i wish i could some how improve the lighting in the chambers but for some reason there is not enough room in t
  2. Yeah it is one of the most helpful things a guy can do.
  3. yeah Technic is a very hardcore game for my cpu to don't know why its fairly new.
  4. Pro tip: turn on the meltdown preventatives
  5. Oh well guess you can just re-build the landscape and try again, 2nd time is the charm. Thanks :D
  6. I am adding an entrance in the next update, the reason why its missing an entrance is because i really never thought about it until Technic 6.
  7. 1. Yeah although i'm fixing this in next update. 2. Oh i thought they were just normal solor panels, thanks i'll fix this in next update too, thanks for pointing them out.
  8. Yeah thanks so much, really helped to get this project out there, i wouldn't have thought about it if it wasn't for you, thanks bro.
  9. Hey that is actually exactly what is needed. thanks i'll see if i can do for the next update.
  10. Ok um i'm really sorry for that, i'll fix that awkward bug in the next update, again sorry for that. Yeah i am already am adding a room with some basic IC2 machines but thanks for your suggestion and a quarry is kind of what i want you guys to make, well not a quarry exactly but some epic block filters and stuff but thanks for your contribution.
  11. Oh yeah i was just asking if you happened to know an alternative method thats all, and actually I've been thinking about computercraft, have any ideas on how we can implement computer craft with? hope my grammar is correct there lol
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