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  1. I first posted it in the Off-Topic section, as I didn't see any other place fit, and did not want it to get seen as spam, as it happens in so many other forums. Thanks for moving the post, though. You should create an extra forum for these server tools, although they are pretty general, they are quite useful, and I'm expecting to add specific highlighting for different modpacks.
  2. Should the link to the file not work, try this: http://team-m4gkbeatz.eu/Beatsleigher/BukkitLogViewer.jar.zip Bukkit Log Viewer is now on Sourceforge! Check it out here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/javalogviewer/ !
  3. Hello there! Today I created a small and lightweight program, which helps server administrators distinguish between different log levels. The program currently highlights INFO-WARNING making it easy to see errors and bugs! This program is going to be a part of my BukkitUI - A program which allows users to easily manage Minecraft Bukkit server. The program is open source and licensed under the GPL version 3.0. ========== Links ========== WebLaunch: http://team-m4gkbeatz.eu/downloads/BukkitLogViewer/launch.html Compressed ZIP archive: http://team-m4gkbeatz.eu/downloads/BukkitLogViewer/BukkitLogViewer.jar.zip Git: http://github.com/Beatsleigher ========== Screenshots ========== http://team-m4gkbeatz.eu/downloads/BukkitLogviewer/BukkitLogViewer.png http://team-m4gkbeatz.eu/downloads/BukkitLogviewer/BukkitLogViewer1.png Should you have any feedback or feature requests, please let me know! The source will soon be available on my GitHub! Have fun with Bukkit Log Viewer!
  4. Heyo there. Just yesterday I published my Tekkit Classic server, got griefed 3 times already and had to rebuild spawn twice. I was hoping to use GroupManager to fix the perms and stuff like that, but I always get an internal error when using the commands in-game and when configuring the users/groupsmarkup file, I see no change in-game. Here is the groups file: groups: Default: default: true permissions: - -bukkit.command.kill inheritance: - g:groupmanager_default - g:bukkit_default - g:essentials_default - g:towny_default info: prefix: '&e' build: true suffix: '[Regular]' Builder: default: false permissions: [] inheritance: - default - g:essentials_builder - g:towny_builder info: prefix: '&2' build: true suffix: '[builder]' Moderator: default: false permissions: [] inheritance: - builder - g:groupmanager_moderator - g:bukkit_moderator - g:essentials_moderator - g:towny_moderator - g:vanish_moderator info: prefix: '&5' build: true suffix: '[Mod]' Admin: default: false permissions: [] inheritance: - moderator - g:groupmanager_admin - g:bukkit_admin - g:essentials_admin - g:towny_admin - g:vanish_admin info: prefix: '&c' build: true suffix: '[Admin]' Owner: default: false permissions: - '*' - -vanish.* inheritance: - admin info: prefix: '&4' build: true suffix: '[Owner]' And here are the users: users: Beatsleigher: group: Owner subgroups: [] permissions: - groupmanager.noofflineperms Creepydude2012: group: Owner subgroups: [] permissions: - groupmanager.noofflineperms For some reason, I'm not in the Owner group, and when I deop myself, I can't build. Not even in my own claims. I have no idea which plugin version I'm using, to be frank. Also, just in case, could someone link me up with the plugin version 2.9.2. Maybe I'm just using a wrong version, but the jar I'm using is the only one I could find. Thanks in advance for your help. The server's been off for almost two hours, because I'm trying to sort stuff out and it's not working. Edit: The other 39-odd users still have to be added.
  5. I'm pretty good with CC. Done a few programs and I have knowledge in Java, VB, C#, Bash and Batch. I'm a multi-tool :D
  6. Hey guys! I have been hosting a server for a few weeks, now and I've never had any major problems, but now Tekkit (Client) just randomly crashes. I'm going to re-download the launcher and delete everything, (Cache wise) and re-launch the whole thing. But is this a known bug, or is it just something that differs from PC to PC? I'm running Windows and Ubuntu, on an old (2004) Pentium IV @ 2.8 GHz, 512 MB AGP Graphics accelerator (nVidia GeForce 6200) and 1GB RAM, it normally doesn't crash at all.. Thanks in advance!
  7. Title: NEI IC2 items not showing recipes Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows Vista Home Basic x64 Java Version: JRE SE 6 Description of Problem: When searching for IndrustrialCraft2 items/blocks, recipes will not be shown. Entire server has same problem. All running Windows Vista/7 All other items/blocks' recipes will show. Only engines from IC2 will be shown. Nothing else Error Messages: Error Log:
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