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  1. YouTube Link: Minecraft IGN: spa0703 Skype Name:spa0703 spa0703 Country:goergia Microphone: headset Recording Software/Hardware: i use bandicam and Open broadcaster software
  2. IGN:spa0703 why want to join:i like servers without all that mean and griefing and i like to help others :D
  3. aw man i love space tekkit :\ eny chance you can host another tekkit space?
  4. Minecraft username spa0703 --- What playstyle do you prefer? (Building, pve, Faction , Exploration, etc.) Building and exploration also don't mind helping other people by helping them with stuff.
  5. id like to be a moderater i will ban griefing as i see it and will help poeple new to the server/tekkit
  6. im useing linux fedora 16
  7. Eclipse do not work i downloaded it it will not work and it take's 2 hours then fails
  8. im not an idiot and i look up the right code