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  1. all above has been added no more will be added till i toll who is actually playing
  2. looking for member to populate my server. its ran by vilayer this isnt a home hosted. server set at 20 slot for lag free play it is a whitelist and a brand new server nothing is banned i dissaprove of stealing and griefing so yeah freash map no overly built spawn this is the new tekkit build that was released on 5/3/2013 application [note] i will check ban history if you have more than 4 you wont get in ign: age:
  3. as title says if you place a bed in a demension your bed will explode!
  4. anyone els having this issue? seems when ever tnt or a creeper explode it crashes my client
  5. icbm might work i dunno is it a coremod? also forgebukkit dont seem to work either so might have some problems
  6. thats the greatest thing i have ever seen but on topic id delete all minecraft instalation and redownload it ?
  7. i dont think you can actually lol there is items that hold charge but no way to put that charge into the items haha
  8. just make it start raining they will leave lol
  9. did you redownload the newest when it first launched i downloaded a v1.0 that got fatal errors every time i launched it now they have a new build out its 1.0.3 i beleave or something like that just redownload through the tekkit launcher
  10. best way to get bukkit plugins to work on the new server build is to use bukkit forge