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  1. Launcher Version: 290 Operating System: Windows 7 home prenium Java Version: build 1.7.0_25-b16 Antivirus Program: AVG 2014, Commando Firewall Description of Problem: On whatever M-Pack i try to download, after a few downloads it says ;Download Faled: Retries Renaming and it runs said m-pack, and it never brings me to the title screen of the modpack. Error Messages: Error Log:
  2. Yea, it does... that only streanghens my first two, if Thaumcraft is in it, so's Ars Magica(Them 2 are like Iron and sticks)
  3. Big Secret's out, its Hexiit, but now comes the guessing game of what mods are inside Hexiit
  4. Azanor is now allowing Thaumcraft 3 into the Technic Launcher/Platform? Equivalent Exchange 3 is now finished? Big Galacticraft update? 1.6? Godzillaish Voltz update? New Glactcraft Modpack? IC2 and Universal Electricity(+Expansion) Now finally coming to the new Tekkit? HTH are we supposed to know!!!
  5. A Nephlem Minecrafter.

  6. ok so.. its about the corruption of the technic folder... try copying the old minecraft.jar from vanilla to the other modpacks and adding forge capabllity to the said jar... just an idea
  7. I was surprised when a rift to the foreshadow opened up on my launcher... What do you think it is about, Community?
  8. Does the Vanilla launcher work and launch minecraft properly? if false do this Check system requirements of vannila minecraft then add more than you need if you have a PC If laptop.... get a better one.
  9. Delete ALL of your files and start anew... thats what i did Edit- Repeat ALL of your files
  10. Oh a Thaumcrafty Aris Magicaish thingamaboob modpack or modpack update. I know magic when i see it... Edit- Or maybe Technic is coming back and better than ever? Edit- OR a modpack dealing whith stargates and magic as a whole... *thinks about opening a wormhole to a mystcraft age*
  11. calclavina i really like messin' whith voltz because A) i can make a war-blasted landscape MINECART PARKOR!!! -pats on back- good job mixin everythin together
  12. but you can update mecanisum but that can lead to some significant problems, such as the game crashing so hard you will need to clear the chache and start again
  13. i guess you have to download Votz again, it helps
  14. I have some basic stargates that i wanna show, Comment if you like sorry if the image is broken
  15. i can give you a tip about commando Set it to game mode
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