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  1. Perfection! Hope to be seeing you soon. *Update* It is not 2 L's at the end of my username here is what it looks like all lower case: adolaminii so still cant get access.
  2. IGN: AdolaminII Age: 23 Country: United Kingdom Tekkit Experience: I have played it ALOT (Over a year of it being the main game I play), so I would call myself very experienced. Do you have a Mic: Yes/No: Yes, I do Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes/No Yes, Installed. Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: I'm looking to finally go online with some of my Tekkit gameplay, extremely interested in meeting new people that have the same love for building as I do, being able to talk to like-minded people and generally have some good fun.
  3. The server is down... as he said in his post 9 mins before your first...
  4. IGN: AdolaminII Skype ( Yes Or No): Yes Age: 23 Gender: Male Why you'd like to join..!: I'll try to keep this brief, basically, I love Tekkit but the problem I have always encountered is it getting somewhat lonely, so I'm not just looking for a server, I'm looking for some people to have a good time with to, I'm always willing to help other people out and am easy to approach, maybe this is the right server for me?
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