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  1. Compression tools on the BSD machine are only active when run from the shell. Since there's no GUI on any of my servers, only a limited number of services actually run on them. If anything were messing up the JAR reading on my server, it would be the package "archivers/unzip" which is a runtime dependency of the JVM. Java on FreeBSD requires the zip and unzip commands since ZIP functionality is not embedded within the JVM on FreeBSD.
  2. So I was gone for about half a week there and when I came back my town was gone. So I started a new town in its place, with a new name. And wow, doing a lot of power-related work, still!
  3. I don't have WinRar installed anywhere. I have 7zip on the Windows machine and the BSD machine has the standard collection of compression utilities (including 7zip).
  4. Actually, the versions are the same. Tekkit Lite 0.5.1 on both ends.
  5. Title: Client unable to use server Version: 0.5.1 OS: Client: Windows 8; Server: FreeBSD 8 Java Version: Client: Oracle Java 7u6; Server: OpenJDK 7u6 Description of Problem: Tekkit Lite client cannot connect to the server Error Messages: 2013-01-05 18:29:10 [iNFO] [ForgeModLoader] User ladyserenakitty connection failed: missing [], bad versions [MFReloaded|CompatIC2, MFReloaded|CompatRP2, MFReloaded|CompatPamsHarvestCraft, MFReloaded|CompatExtraBiomes, MFReloaded] 2013-01-05 18:29:10 [iNFO] [Minecraft] Disconnecting ladyserenakitty [/]: The server requires mods that are absent or out of date on your client Error Log:
  6. I had a fantastical Christmas. Gloves, $100 worth of Steam Wallet codes, and an ecig. The ecig is awesome, no longer have to go outside to smoke. What did y'alls get?
  7. I know what we can do! First, we locate an ocean. Second, we build an island maybe 4 chunks big and round. Then we make a 4 block wide beach on it. The middle of the island should be like a plains biome, then we put coconut trees on it. BOOM! Fijian island. :D
  8. I found the NoLagg sources: Web: Using git:
  9. The problem with drops disappearing is an issue with the NoLagg Bukkit plugin. This problem wasn't fixed in this plugin until Minecraft 1.4. Sadly, Tekkit is stuck in Minecraft 1.2.5.
  10. I told you I felt he would get banned! I felt it in my whiskers, and my whiskers were right!
  11. You can now say "Assistant" without issue. MJclone and I worked on this issue and fixed it. :)
  12. Wierdness, Kitty can't even say the word "assistant" because the server eats my text and then nobody gets to see it.