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  1. Launcher Version: Latest Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Java Version: Latest Antivirus Program: Bitdefender Internet Security Description of Problem: When I want to start any modpack, let's say voltz, it starts normally then shows me this problem Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine Error: A fatal exception has occured. Program will exit The thing is, I've reinstalled java twice and deleted all the files from the .technic folder, and the problem still exists Error Messages: Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine Error: A fatal exception has oc
  2. Aerowei


    So when I want to start Voltz or Tekkit, and it shows me this : Error:Could not create the Java Virtual Machine Error:A fatal exception has occured.Program will exit What to do?! I've reinstalled java and minecraft tons of times and still no difference
  3. It works for me if I close my voltz, I log out, and then connect again xD
  4. So, I was playing voltz in ver. 1.0.11 and no crashes were happening. I stopped playing Voltz for a time, and now in ver. 2.0.4 I returned. Well, I got a shitty netbook, but it was okay for me, no crashes. Since I chose a server on ver 2.0.4 I started crashing a lot. First I thought it was the server, but then I started crashing more and more, until I got to the moment when I crash some minutes after I log in. Here is the crash report ( I've turned the video settings to minimal, idk what to do anymore :I ) ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // This doesn't make any sense! Time: 12/7/13 10:
  5. By the way...I found a good voltz server....ohgaming.com - You could try :) It's a cool server , with some banned items...it's 1.0.11 , ohgaming.com, do you want? I'm playing there , but I got kicked from town and now I'm restarting...wanna try?

  6. Ummm hai Malexion, I can't connect to the server and Azmic isn't online....do you know if ChudGaming is shutted down for eva and why?

    1. Malexion


      Yep its gone, ive moved on to Direwolf20 for now. No idea as to why it was shut down.

  7. Azmic , why is the server offline so much? I can't wait to play voltz , and now i can't :(
  8. It's really interesting , when I choose the latest version , it asks me to update to the newest version , should i update , or keep the 1.1.3 one?
  9. What versions should we use for the server? Can somebody explain me how to get the 1.1.0? I'm a little noob :l
  10. Brb when I uset the latest version - should I accept to make the update , or just remain to 1.0.13?!
  11. Brb It seems like the 1.1.0 version from the old Technic Launcher is gone....What happened? Can I acces the server using the new version of the technic launcher?!
  12. I use the stable version 195...but I got the old launcher too....should I try the old one?
  13. I just downloaded the newest version of the Technic Launcher...then changed the version of the voltz mod pack to i think - Then made the update - and now my tekkit crashes :l
  14. If I choose it says me that I need to update some of the mods are not there :l
  15. Guys , what version should I choose?! I'm choosing the 1.1 thing and it says that I don't have some of the mods :l Can you say me the EXACT version? Please - I'm new to voltz , and new to the new Technic Platform :l
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