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  1. Ok, seems like I'm going for custom then. Thanks for the help!
  2. Of course. I thought of making my own. Though, I'm under the impression that the whole Technic SSP isn't simply slapping 3 mods together in the same jar and hope it works. Meaning, I have the feeling that there's some amount of compatibility coding going around in the background, well apart from the block IDs and such. But, I could easily be wrong. And I'm not lobbying for it, per-se. I was just wondering if it was in any plans for the future. And there's even FeedTheBeast that's a good alternative. Though, it would probably be simpler to make my own, as you suggested. Anyways, thanks again for your reply.
  3. @Niavmai Now, just to make sure, I'm referring to IndustrialCraft2. According to numerous sources, the only reason that IndustrialCraft doesn't have any official updates is that Alblaka (Who appears to be the public face of IndustrialCraft) seems to be MIA because of what appears to be RL issues. Though, this hasn't stopped the IndustrialCraft team from continuing the development via their Jenkins page (http://ic2api.player.to:8080/job/IC2_lf/) And many have tried their builds and haven't encountered any major bugs. But, like Technic SSP for 1.4.6, it hasn't been elevated to recommended status. Also, yes, Technic SSP did make it past 1.2.5. What you are referring to is the recommended build. What I am using are the development builds which actually don't have many bugs (I haven't encountered any major ones). And, RedPower 2 isn't even on life-support, from what I gather. From her posts, Eloraams seems to be going through exam season. Or at least she seems to have a lot of RL projects on her hands, keeping her away from RedPower 2 development. So, RedPower 2 is by no means dead. Only reason the Tekkit developers haven't waited for RedPower 2 is that it covers too much of a large mod area to be compatible with all mods. And, as you said, many mods do cover certain functions RedPower 2 covers. So, indeed, it isn't as relevant. And I'm not aware of many mods that do cover IC2's functions. For example, it's nuclear reactors and electrical system is something that is heavily integrated into most of my build projects. So, IC2 is by no means irrelevant to my play style. Only reason that these big mods do not get updated in, as you said, a timely fashion is that they are very big. Sure, most RP2 functions can be replaced by other mods. But, we can't forget that RP2 functions are made to work together, and that only one person is updating it. So, again, I don't think my not calling the time of death of these mods "a LOT of misconceptions". In fact, that statement seemed a tad patronizing. But, of course, no offense taken on that point. But, besides that, I appreciate your reply. @Freakachu Makes sense given the newer MC updates basically destroyed the wall between MP and SP, from a technical standpoint. From that point, I can understand the removal of the pack. But, it doesn't change that I would really enjoy seeing that trio eventually. Thanks for the reply! @Ordeth They are some similarities, I agree. But, I think that trio will reappear at some point in time.
  4. Now, I realize it hasn't been updated past 1.4.6 because of the lack of IndustrialCraft on 1.5. But, I wonder, is it still being supported? Or will it reappear under a different form? (E.G. Tekkit when IndustrialCraft gets upgraded). Excuse my ignorance if this was mentioned in a news post. Though, it just seems like all support for Technic SSP has been dropped. In fact, there isn't even a forum section for it anymore. So, it's gotten me to wonder... Anyways, thanks to anyone who clears that up for me. I'm just curious if we'll see the IndustrialCraft-BuildCraft-RedPower trio at some point in time, again.
  5. Most of the infrastructure is done. Now I'm doing the maintenance tunnels and the wiring as well as coding the whole thing (at 3 lines of code for that one)
  6. Thanks;) Also, here's an overall look at what the base looks like from outside. Again, the design is built to be underground. So, that's why the design doesn't look so great from outside:
  7. Hello, to anyone wondering where I'm at with this project: Considering the changes in the newer versions of IndustrialCraft, I've completely restarted the whole design. Making all rooms built in a round format instead of squared. So, overall, the base is much better organized and better looking. I also changed the cooling system, turning it from the now defunct SUC system to a DDoS systemAnyways, just for a small preview:
  8. Thank you very much. I've currently stopped working on the project. Will probably get the inspirational energy to continue in the next few weeks(Other projects took it's place). Otherwise, I've completely overhauled the electrical cabling as well as the over flow system. It uses the advanced insertion pipe to simply continue it's track into lava one i't overflows. So, now, there's maybe a 1-2 EU loss. Thus, it creates over 2000 EU/t. Also, I've overhauled the reactor cooler electrical cabling,too. Much much more efficient. Before, I was using standard electrical motors for taking our the snow from the snow generators. Though, this proved over-powered so I downgraded to slow electric motors. Anyways, I'll most likely update the pics in the next few weeks, also. Assuming by CASUC you mean SUC, then, yes, it is does have a SUC layout. Though, it's the most optimized layout. http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/reactorplanner.html?hixvaz6868bepak7umf4q6xz19kd596pxa3ejdwc9dzwwgpc0
  9. Probably because it's not supposed to look like said villa ;p Wondering where you got that idea;)
  10. As I explained above, I will not provide a download, for the foreseeable future.
  11. All images replaced with GIFs, enjoy the more readable format!
  12. Quick update, by tomorrow, all sections' images will be replaced by .gifs. So, sections you see having 6 pictures will only have 1. As you can see, I've already updated 2 photos. Should be a quick process, tomorrow, since I've basically done all of the skins and taken all of the screens. So, we should see more compact and user-friendly reading. Also, if the next technic build proves to be good in the lag department, I'll most likely do a video showing much of the base. *EDIT* Posts updated. It's much smaller and the photo size went from 35mb to 15mb.
  13. Unfortunately, it's one of those projects that will never truly be finished. Meaning, I can always add more. And, there's the issue of Technic versions as well as lag. I have a pretty good computer (3.4 GHz Phenom II x4 with AMD Radegon 6950 OCd) and I get about 20 FPS max. I'm hoping that the next Recommended build will be better with Optifine Ultra and other enhancements. And, there's also the possibility of someone stealing my work and claiming it as their own. And I've put to much time in this project for it's fate to be like that. So, for now, I'm not seeing myself put up a download link. Though, I appreciate the comment. I've continued working on the Vault, today. Might update the post in the next few days.
  14. Well, to be fair, this all started with BackPlague. He essentially inspired me. Though, I go farther where he strayed away. For instance, he put a lot more emphasis on the factory instead of where the energy came from. He most likely used the HV Solar Panels which are overpowered, to say the least. So, my original goal was to make a nuclear power plant. Than, added on to it as the months past. The greatest aspect of his plant was most likely his computer system. Then used that concept and made an interface that will be able to safely admin the complex. I've at least put in about 10 000 lines of code into this place. Though, they are mostly if-statements because I don't know much of Lua beyond that. But, I appreciate your comments. And concerning the dark pics, here's two pics showing the same thing except with my current texture pack and the default one. So I think we can all agree that the lighting in the texture pack, albeit a bit dark, looks much better. Though, at enough requests, I can always redo all of the pics. I just find the default look ugly and I built this whole thing using the texture pack. Thus, it's supposed to look like the first pic.
  15. Since they are in dropbox, I can easily due so. Also, they seem darker because of the texture pack I have which adds a dark tint to the overall look. I prefer this look to the vanilla one. *EDIT* I've changed only 2 pics which were the sub-levels one. I've decided that the other ones didn't need any re-doing, at my end.
  16. Q-Industries | Miscellaneous The complex includes a ton of other systems that deserves some attention. For instance, the thing that connects all of the levels together is the elevator. But, we can't forget the maintenance rooms and tunnels which is an integral part of the inner workings of the complex. The second pic is inside the elevator. It includes a terminal with a fully functional GUI to chose your level. It also includes a request system where all levels can request the elevator. It is not done being coded. I created a proof of concept, at a certain point. But, I decided to overhaul the architecture to allow more than 2 requests at one time. New architecture should allow 4 requests (1 from each levels and from the terminal). We also have screen that tell you where the elevator is, exactly. Here's the elevator shaft. You can see the different cables that monitor where the elevator is. In this case, it's between level 0 and 1. The pic with the 5 computers is the Elevator Server with the new architecture. The computer from the right is the computer drive. This sole purpose is to take orders and drive the elevator according to where it is. So, if it's at level 1 and it get's asked to go to level 2, it will go down. Though, if it's at level 1 and gets asked to go to level 0, it will go up. The pic with the batteries is the energy cache for the elevator and other RP motors in the base. The vault also has an elevator that works using the same architecture and design. Though, it is of smaller design. (4x4 instead of 6x6). There's other maintenance rooms like above. Mainly for the security systems and other control servers. Starting with the servers, here's a few: The first pic is the server dubbed the SCS (Security Control Server). Essentially, it controls the lockdown system and the blast door. The pic with 4 computers is the reactor control server. Each computer controls one reactor. It's main function is the deactivation protocol and activation protocol. We also see the mechanism for the blast door at the far end. An we have a few pics that shows the lockdown mechanism for doors. There's a few like these around the base. The elevator doors use the same mechanism. Just to help put everything into perspective, here's some outside pics of the whole complex. I didn't bother doing this underground, like it's supposed to be. Would've been a pain.
  17. Q-Industries | Level 2 - Nuclear Power Plant The nuclear power plant includes 4 different sections: The control room, the cooling system, the nuclear reactor chamber and the nuclear battery array. Here they are: The Control Room is essentially the heart of the whole complex, software wise. It features massive screens that either display reactor information or, otherwise, a map of the different levels and what part is compromised/locked down. It also has a nice view of the reactor chamber as well as a blast door function which you can see in action in pic 3. The top screens will eventually show other information and the middle screen will give the overall status of the complex. Also, software wise, here's the mainframe GUI: The cooling systems comprises of multiple different sub-sections. Hence the reason why I consider it the most complex part of the reactor system. The first form of the ice is, simply, snow generated by snowmen. There's a total of 12 snowmen. 3 For each reactor. After that, it goes through a piping system which brings it to singularity compressors which then transport the ice into rows of chests. Then comes comes the exporter. The exporter is the more technical part because it sends ice when the reactor needs it. It's designed to send a bit to much just in case. The overfill system in the reactor chamber takes care of the ice that's not needed. This is the nuclear reactor chamber. It has all 4 reactors. The pipes you see are the ice pipes coming from the cooling section and the other pipes are the overflow management (All overflowing ice gets burned in the lava). Reactor 1 through 3 gets used for the mass producers. Reactor 4 gets used for energy needs inside the base. This includes the cooling system, the recyclers and other miscellaneous energy needs. The second pic is sub-level 1 which is right under the nuclear reactor chamber. This takes all of the cables and sends them to sub-level 2. Sub-Level 2 is mainly cable management. It sends them to the battery array level 3 which will be covered in the next section. The room in the last pic is actually right on top of the chamber. It houses the mechanism for pumping the lava out, in case of overheating. It's one thing to clean out after an explosion. It's quite an other when there's lava everywhere. It also receives the pipes from the cooling system. The first pic is the main level for the battery array. Essentially, it's just a ton of MFSUs that connects from level 2 and then acts as a cache system. Then, energy get's outputted to where it needs to go. Simply put, Level 2 just acts as a liaison for Level 1 and 3. It was originally going to be used for the outputting of energy but, then, the third level for the mass producer section took it's place. Level 3 is actually another part of sub-level 2 of the reactor chamber. There are directly linked. Again, it's mainly cable management.
  18. Q-Industries | Level 1 - Factory Level The factory level comprises of 3 sections. It includes the mass producers, the recyclers and the resource importer. This level is fairly simple and there's still one system not done (the resource importer). Otherwise, here it is: The first level is not completely finished yet since it connects to the vault organization system which isn't done yet. Thus, it'll probably stay like this for some time as I finish other systems. Though, the bottom is where everything is working. Simply enough, the energy comes from the nuclear battery array (Level 2) and then, at all time, works on converting the energy in UU-Matter. As the scrap comes, it uses it to facilitate the process. After it's finished, it will transfer it to the vault. The recyclers takes the energy from the nuclear battery array and uses the unneeded resources from the importer to convert it into scrap for the mass producers.
  19. Q-Industries | Level 0 - Living Quarters The living quarters are comprised of 3 different sections: the main chamber, the actual living quarters, the utility room and the vault. I'll be showing pictures below describing each section and their uses. It doesn't get very technical so if you wish to skip to the next section, feel free to get back to the original post viathe quote above. Simple enough, this acts like a hub for all of the sections. On the first pic, you at the far end of the room the elevator as well as the two access points for the vault door. The dome is a tree farm that can be accessed via the same corridor leading to the vault door. You can also see windows and stairs to the living quarters. The first pic represents the employee living quarters and the other is the living quarters for the managers. There's are subject to change in light for bigger rooms. The utility has everything the whole complex users need. From doubling their ores they mined to converting them to actual ingots, it has everything a miner could need. The vault is an interesting build because it is, essentially, a big room with 3 levels. It has a small elevator that links them all. It has a total 204 chests. I'm planning for this to automatically organized itself when it receives resources. You can see in a few pics the vault door which close and opens. When the authentication server is coded, we'll need to id cards to open it pressed at the same time. The second there's one lock down anywhere in the base, it'll close automatically and will not open until the lockdowns are lifted.
  20. Hello, I would like to share a project I've been working on on and off for the past 6 months. It's still not finished. Though, I feel as though I have enough to show. Essentially, it's purpose is to create UU-Matter. I know, a UU-Matter factory, again! But, I am confident that this includes a lot of original and nice features because of it's other systems which helps create UU-Matter. For instance, what is the main resource that is needed for UU-Matter? Power. This need gets quenched using a nuclear reactor chamber that includes 4 different reactor systems. I organized everything so each reactor is it's own entity. Meaning, even though all of the different systems are compartmentalized, they are all independent from each other. I'll elaborate more on this later. And the other need is raw resources for the recyclers to make scrap which really aids in the creation process of this matter. I was tempted to create a massive ice factory that feeds the recyclers. But, I felt as if it was too OP. Thus, even though I will most likely never build this in a survival server, it'll take it's resources from quarry's. But, all of this also has another purpose. When the resources arrives from the quarries, it'll automatically take the unneeded resources (e.g Cobblestone, dirt, etc) and transfer them to the recyclers to aid the mass producers. But, it will also take the useful resources (e.g iron ore, gold ore, diamond, etc) and, as well as double them using macerators, transfer them to a vault that I will show later on. Now that I've explained the basics of the complex, I will explain the general organization of the factory to help better imagine it. There's 3 different levels (As well as sub-levels). Level 0 is the vault and a section called the main chamber which is essentially the living quarters. Nothing real complex but it is interesting to see. Level 1 is the factory level which encompasses the mass producers, the recyclers and the resource importer. Level 2 is the final level. This one is the more complex level because of all it's security systems and complex machinery. It is, obviously, the reactor level which includes the complex control room, the main reactor chamber, the battery array and the cooling system. And there's another section which I'll dub it The Sub-Sections which includes all of the maintenance rooms. For the sake of convenience, I will dedicate each of the following posts for each level. I've previously posted something in another forums, a few months back but, because of the large amount of information, it was a bit confusing. Anyways, enjoy. And, I warn you, it's very long. Because of the apparent lack of spoiler tags, I can't hide the pics. So, unfortunately, you'll have to bare with me. Oh, and, if you don't feel like reading(And I would understand), you can just look at the pics. They are somewhat self-explanatory with the titles, and all.
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