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  1. use the search bar. thread as already been made mate. no possible way of getting refined steel yet.
  2. rolling machine does NOT need power. to make rebars you put iron (pretty sure it iron from memory) in bottom left middle and top right square of the rolling machine 3x3 grid. use to love rail craft in tekkit/technic.
  3. mod please delete. seems the world did not generate the ores the first time. 2 new maps and the ores have spawned.
  4. nei wont give you recipes for everything. nei isnt working for a few items. refined steel dust/ingot it wont show. a friend and i are trying to work out how to get it legit but no luck so far.
  5. hey guys, i konw this is going to sound like a bloody noob question but me and a friend have just started up a server and been playing for around 2 hours now. we are yet to find the mod ores. platinum,copper,tin..ect what levels are the ores found on? Cheers guys.