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  1. Shane 16 An underground bunker and also to establish an economy based on gold via village markets. I have playd with ic2. A macerator brakes ores into double of the amount of ore yeilds normaly and can make coal dust. No recommendations I might do youtube videos of this if I like it and when I get my computer.
  2. IGN: cheifshane Name: Shane Ic2 is my favorite I was banned from one server because I was explaining to somebody about all these extremist groups like the kkk or black supremest groups and how I though it was funny how there was an extremist group for anything so I made a joke about how we should ban minecraft ice blocks in a made up extremist group and they thought I was being racist because I mentioned stuff about stuff the nazies did so they thought the mere mention of what nazies did is racist.
  3. IGN: cheifshane Age:16 Have played tekkit for awhile, have a little experience.
  4. When I try to join a server it says 1.5.2 and it says client is out of date when I hover my mouse icon over it.
  5. Gamertag: cheifshane Name:Shane Age:16 I want to biuld a bunker with several levels of machinery. Later I want to get an oil business going.
  6. Gamertag: cheifshane Name:Shane I want to join and build a bunker with multiple levels of machinery. Later I want to get a oil group started and have several oil spots all pumping to one refinery and then pumped to gas stations.
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