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  1. I think the creator of optifine is not allowing optifine to be in any modpacks. So thats bloody annoying
  2. Flan's mod is an absoloute yes. But there needs to be and video tutorial on how to add content packs because Flan's mod must be added (my opinion)
  3. I Reckon they should add a gun mod that requires power to make the bullets and the gun because this it would be extremely useful and etc.
  4. Is there an update that is going to fix this? Because I need to power my radar gun so I can direct where my missiles go but I need a Solar Genirator to do that but i need a Crusher to get Platnum dust but I need refined steel to make the Crusher. And the Metallurgic Infuser isn't getting power from my Coal Genirator (sorry if I have bad grammar.) So is there going to be an update?
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