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  1. When i try to use Spawn, it sends me to the actually spawn of the game, not the new one set by essentials. Also, /home command does the same thing, but also ignores if they have a bed or not.
  2. World Guard is acting weird with a #89 fresh install. All regions "use" flag is acting like its set to deny. which it's clearly not. (Doors are staing shut in regioned areas) (only effects people that are not members or owners of said regions.)
  3. Just make sure everything is up to date. Forge is latest recommended, BukkitForge up to 89 Essentials latest WorldGuard latest WorldEdit Latest And dont forget to get his latest PEXv2 that keepcalm ported.
  4. Got mine to sortof work as well.. Essentials (Chat, Spawn, Core) WorldEdit WorldGuard PEX Can i request that someone take a look at a bukkit plugin called CommunityBridge. Its a plugin that whitelists based on a websites registration. And its currently bugging out for me. Mind you they have to login directly after the first attempt and they break the barrier. Please and Thank you!
  5. Btw thanks for the info and help, its much appreciated. And KeepCalm, you just plain awesome. I couldn't live without forge and bukkit. Yay finally updated my server! It seems the permission for "bukkit.command.op" does not function correctly. Now keep in mind everything works as expected for me with only WorldEdit, WorldGuard, and Pex. But i cant seem to give the op command to the admins. Any ideas?
  6. really... really... please go away.. (OP = Original Post)
  7. I think i may have inadvertently added unneeded files to the custom pack causing some issues. (More info in OP)
  8. Title: Ore Generation Stuck to On Version: 0.5.1 OS: Win 7 Java Version: Latest Description of Problem: I have went into the config files for everything i can think of generating ore and it still generated ore. As to which ones generated, I'm not sure. Edit: I think... I have narrowed it down to a "silver ore" that looks like diamond ore. Edit 2: I have discovered that it is Thermal Expansions Fault, and, he is currently working on a fix. (will be released on next update of TE). Sorry to have wasted posting space ><. Forum Post Edit 3: Also discovered that if you go to another demsion it does not account for config values of other mods in regards for ore. It simple uses the entire ore dictionary. FTB Post Tested in Single Player All of the following mods add ore. RedPower IC2 Factorization Thermal Expansion
  9. Ok, I know were not talking about the same thing, I respectfully ask for a Technic individual to respond, thanks for the attempt tho. (Note: This is now mostly a suggestion topic.)
  10. That worked better that what i did. Educated observation: I did notice that factorization has 2 things taking up 19000-1 (19256-7) So when i moved factorization's ids it still conflicted with something factorization left behind, i think. IDResolve labeled it "the Core" and that's it. But, all in all, that fixed my situation. thx Portablejim.
  11. Oh.. I See.. Well, I actually tried your idea, and i did not receive any conflict when running IDResolve. So.. Excellent! Thanks for the info. Consider this post complete.
  12. Title: Bag Of Holding Missing Version: 0.5.1 OS: Win 7 Java Version: Latest as of 5 min ago. Description of Problem: Bag of Holding from factorization missing from NEI. (Not sure if this means i can still craft it or not. My fix involves going into Factorization Config and changing 19001 to 18999 and 19000 to 18998. IDResolve reported an error still from something called "The Core" on 19256-7, but, I have my bag of holding. Edit: My Fix is not a good idea as Portablejim actually fixed the entire problem. Error Messages: None Error Log:
  13. Ok. This new feature allows server owners (Like Me) to distribute the pack, designed for the server, much easier than before. This new feature allows server owners to just tell people to download the Technic Launcher and place the link, to the zip file they have already created, in the URL box. Now, When a player logs in for the first time with said URL to Custom Pack it downloads it, extracts it, and plays it. When that same player comes back it will ask if they want to update the pack. It will ask every time regardless if the pack has actually been changed or not. I'm asking, if a server owner, can implement a way to knock out that pesky repeated question until there is actually a change in the zip file. A Hint: The Zip file is automatically downloaded from the internet for the players. If I was making a custom mod pack for myself, I wouldn't be here.
  14. Ummm, worrying about that a long time ago? I'm not sure were talking about the same thing. I'm talking about the new feature they just added like 2 days ago. I have made my own Custom Mod Pack (Under Slot 1 of the 3) and it works fine. Just wondering if there is a way to get it (The Technic Launcher) to actually detect if the mod pack is updated or not. It just prompts for the mod pack to be re-downloaded everytime i run the game.