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  1. Here you go! http://wiki.technicpack.net/Your_First_Day(Blightfall)
  2. Perfect. Thanks for the info. I'll see what I can do with that, then, starting tomorrow.
  3. Thank you. When you said "Why are you asking for help again when you haven't addressed the previously noted issues?" I first assumed it was a rhetorical question meant to berate me for failure to implement your suggestions. Then, I said "Nah, this guy is blunt, but genuine. If I treat it as an honest question and explain my reasoning, things will be okay." Seems I was right. Thank you for you unique brand of helpfulness and patience. I also appreciate knowing that there is nothing world-breaking about the mod upgrades. While world-breaking mod updates are rare and almost always explicitly mentioned in changelogs, It's nice to have outside assurance. I also appreciate knowing that the TT and Thaumcraft mismatch is a bigger problem than it appears to be on the surface. That will be a high priority fix. I feel you have missed my main concern, however. My modpack contains a pre-packaged adventure map in the "saves" folder. When the users play my modpack, they change that map in their local version of the saves folder. If I update my modpack, then what happens to the user's saved map? Will the map in my zip file "clobber" the user's version? Or, more generally, when a user is prompted to update his modpack and presses "yes", what files specifically are replaced, which ones are deleted, and which ones are ignored? Are there specifications I could see that show me the "Update algorithm"? Perhaps such a question merits it's own thread... Want to hop threads again, seeing as though you solved my original issue regarding the server?
  4. Short answer: Because it was a different issue, and the first issue (that I originally asked for help on) was resolved without making those changes. As for why I didn't make those changes as well... I've been reluctant to update my modpack because it comes packaged with an adventure map. My understanding is that if I update the client pack, anything in the user's directory that is named identically to anything in my modpack zip folder will be overwritten with what I push. I'm frightened that if I update, any users "updating" to the new version of the modpack will have their worlds overwritten and be upset. Because of that, I have intentionally been trying to update as little as possible. I hotfixed the Mac issue in a way that left both versions compatible with each other and wouldn't trigger an update, but replacing mods is too great a change. The breach of trust that comes from accidentally deleting a user's world is of greater concern to me than a woefully outdated WAILA version. Here's my question to you: If I push an update, will my users' worlds be safe? If so, the reason I've been reluctant to update is invalid, and I will probably update the mods you mention tomorrow, if not tonight. As for the server pack, I don't mind fixing those issues because there has, by definition, been no successful downloaded server worlds yet. But I feel I can only fix them insofar as they remain compatible with the client. It's obviously the duplicate mod causing the issue. I verified it works upon removal of the CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.0B9-40 (1) jar. I'm kinda ticked at myself, because that's actually glaringly obvious in retrospect. I'm just confused as to how that duplicate got in there when I thought I just pulled it directly from my (functional) linux box. :/ Not ignoring feedback, just clueless in other ways. Thanks for pointing the extra CoFH-Core out.
  5. The server pack for my modpack works on my ubuntu server but doesn't work on windows. The pack is located here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/blightfall.592618/about When I run it, it displayed a lot of unhelpful junk, but *did* say that there was a class format error, claiming there was a duplicate "world" class: http://pastebin.com/PRp9jS5K Can anybody suggest what might be the problem? Thanks a ton.
  6. RayGunYoda: I think I found a fix for you issue. Here you go! '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  7. Okay, I got it to work. If anybody else has this problem, please direct them to here. Take all CoFH mods, including Minefactory reloaded, nether ores, etc, and do the following: 1: Rename it from a .jar file to a .zip file. 2: Right click it and say "Extract here". 3: Select all the files that were extracted, right click one of them, and select "Send to compressed (zipped) folder" 4: Rename this new zipped file to be the same as your old jar file, including the .jar extension. Why this works: As you probably already know, a jar file is just a renamed zip file. The issue is, not all zip files are the same. There are many different ways to compress folders, and "zip" files might be different internally even though they share the same extension. Windows knows how to handle some types of zip files that Mac doesn't, apparently. Also apparently, the zip file format the CoFH uses for its mods is recognized by Windows, but not by Mac. By unzipping the jar files and rezipping them, you create a new zip file that uses a more "standardized" zip archive format that macs are capable of handling. The contents of the zip files are the same, there's just a difference in how they are compressed. Distribute those rezipped mods, and you will not have any problems with mac compatibility. At least, that's been my experience. Could somebody else who has run into this issue verify it?
  8. Man, you're good. Thanks for the (mostly off-topic but still very welcome) feedback! Do you have a program that you run modpacks through to find issues like the Thaumcraft/TT version mismatch, or just an encyclopedic knowledge of all sorts of different mod versions?
  9. ...despite the mod it claims it cannot find being present in the mods folder. My pack is located here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/blightfall.592618/about This pack has been verified as working multiple times on three different computers. The only time it crashes is when it is used on a mac. It gives the following mysterious error: http://i.imgur.com/RsOt7WT.png Please note the presence of CoFH Core in the mods directory. After that, latest.log contains the following: http://pastebin.com/TuUqn8GJ It seems to be a problem afflicting other modpacks, specifically on macs. Google searches reveal two other places where the same issue is reported, both here: http://bitly.com/1DyFcDX and here: http://forums.tekkify.com/threads/1-7-10-mac-issues.4895/ I notice in the above log that there are lots of complaints about being unable to open zipfiles, and notably it complains about all the CoFH mods, including thermal foundation, nether ores, and Minefactory Reloaded. What do you make of that? Perhaps macs handle zipping and unzipping files differently, and the CoFH team uses a compression algorithm not recognized by the mac implementation of the JVM?
  10. Very well. See you in a different thread.
  11. After having seen PlowManPlow make a lot of insightful and valuable comments about various modpacks, I thought I'd link to mine here as well so if PlowManPlow feels kind, he can try to see what my modpack and RayGun's share that might be the common problem. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/blightfall.592618/about
  12. I too am getting this error. Extensively tested to the best of my ability before release on PCs and worked fine, but on my friend's mac it crashes on startup in the same way with the same error message. If there is user error on my part and on the part of raygunyoda, is it more subtle than plowmanplow is making it out to be.
  13. Yeah, you don't need much, especially if you're willing to wipe and install a hyper-small footprint OS like MineOS (or to a lesser extent windows before it got bloated. )
  14. Good call on that. What I meant by "splash screen" was the "pack background" that you send in when setting up a modpack. (That is, the 880x520 one). I'll edit the subject of my first post to clarify. Thanks!
  15. Not to mention the cost of the computer you run it on. That being said, you can often get a decent surplus at good prices by going to the "surplus sales" offered from time to time by educational facilities like universities. I got a small server for $120 that hosts five players reliably and has been going for two years now. It's way cheaper than paying $20 a month.
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