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  1. So far, iron has been the best early game armor as far as I can tell. Dig down underneath your base (to the lava layer or near it) to fine prometheum quickly.
  2. Minor tip: Keep all your animals penned close to the tree. Wandering cows may turn into tainted cows and kill you. Trust me on this. =)
  3. Doh! I completely forgot about the oil extractor. Thanks so much for jogging my memory. Much appreciated.
  4. Sorry for the noob questions, but i was curious how people were gathering fuel. I can't seem to find any machines to pump lava or oil, and when I've tried to bucket oil it came out as water. Is there a trick I'm missing? Thanks for any info.
  5. Be sure to take a power cell and fuel loader with you. There's no way to manually refuel your spaceship (unlike what you see in the mod videos).
  6. Don't check your food supplies in a backpack while you're in flight. You'll get ejected from your spaceship with no way to get it back.
  7. There's a video on this page... http://minecraftbuildcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Gates Gates will work for what you want. Attach them to a structure pipe on your energy cell, and set them to emit a signal when full.
  8. My solution (I needed to send a constant supply of blocks to the powered furnace) to this was to setup two redstone engines for pumping blocks out of storage and connecting them to a programable rednet controller. I selected the square wave timer, and set the constant (wave length) to 70. This turned on the engines for roughly 3.5 seconds which was enough for them to pump one block out each before turning off for 3.5 seconds. Turns out that was exactly the speed that the furnace could handle, so it was contantly processing the blocks I sent to it. You can switch to ME as others have said,
  9. You can also automate farming with Steve's Carts. A bit more expensive than MFR, but really fun to watch the carts/bots do their work.
  10. But then, so is Bio-Fuel. No power to make and uses easy-to-farm renewables. Lava is not completely renewable (well, not without a magma crucible), and it can be a pain to collect. Fuel, at least, has some hurdles to jump through to get it (find oil, collect it, then refine), and the combustion engine can blow up. Ultimately, there's no downside to Bio-Fuel, and it's virutally free as well. I've never played with the other mods (Forestry or Railcraft), so I can't comment on the balance of those. My perspective is from the mods that Tekkit includes. In any event, thanks for the info. I was
  11. Hey all, I was wondering what people thought of the cost difference betwen MFR and Steve's Carts. I love Steve's carts, but they are quite expensive to make, and most of the people on my server are just moving directly to MFR (even if they like Steve's carts) because of the cost difference. Don't get me wrong here I think MFR is a great mod, but it seems like it's underpriced with very little drawbacks. Additionally, a friend on my server is saying that Bio-Fuel produces 150K of MJ per bucket. Is that accurate? It seems ridiculously overpowered if that's the case (lava, the next highes
  12. Lol. Fair enough. =)
  13. You can get free cobblestone from the igneous extruder. Just set it up next to your filler, drop a bucket of lava and water in it, and let it go. I stopped collecting cobble once I figured this out. Tesseracts are a lot more expensive than the extruder, so I would save those for something more useful. As a side note, before I switched to extruders, I was able to extract items from the DSU using a redstone engine and BC pipes just like your setup, so I'm not sure what's going on with that. Perhaps something with the tesseract is causing the issue (maybe test this with a chest instead of the
  14. I thought I would add something here. The infuser output is actually 500MJ/t, and the energy cell's max output is 100MJ/t PER side. So, you can wire up 5 sides of an energy cell to dump power directly into the infuser at 500MJ/t (as a side note, the conduit can go into one side of the infuser, so no need to wire it all 5 sides). Stack enough of those, and you can charge your power armor pretty quickly. As a test, I wired it up, and dumped a full energy cell (600K) into my power armor in 10 or 15 seconds. TE may not be what people were used to, but I don't think it's as bad as some make it
  15. It's not an issue. This is by design. You have to put the power armor back on (preferably while in water) to cool it down. You will take fire damage when you do, but the heat will drop. You can use 1 piece to cool it down (i.e: you don't have to put the whole suit back on to drop the heat bar). The MPS is a rather complex mod that takes a bit of fiddling to get it working the way you want.
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