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  1. Use an air duster to clean the dust outta the laptops heat sinks, solves 90% of laptop overheating issues.
  2. Is there any reason that you don't hook it up from your main system? Just don't want to scroll through the crops?
  3. Im not gonna go back through all these posts and find it but just pretended I quoted the right post. Minecraft is an open game anyone can play anyway they want. I don't like just building, I love surviving, and the tech progression I get from these tech mods. I like making super efficient systems, and silly elaborate systems. I don't play tech mods so I can get a pseudo creative mode going. EE2 was a fun mod, but it was OP in that you were in creative mode as soon as you were done progressing, and you can do the same thing in tekkit, you just have to click the button that actually switches you to creative mode.
  4. But you should try to use different types of crops anyway. A single crop produces .08 buckets of biofuel per (?) 9 different crops produce 1.44 buckets per (?).
  5. I'm pretty sure we have backpacks.
  6. Try not placing oak adjacent to oak on the grid, and fill the rest with anything else, carrots, potatoes, nether wart, spruce, birch, rubberwood, wheat.
  7. Ah, so you are one of those people.
  8. I've been doing that since tekkit's release, dont think it was in tekkit lite though.
  9. Something did happen to it. Development has completely ceased, where are you getting this information that they are still working on it?
  10. Wow wall of text. Tekkit classic and tekkit Lite are still available to play. Industrial craft has not been updated for 6 months, and is effectively dead. Feel free to go update the mod to work with 1.5.2 yourself (I think it's on 1.4.5 right now.)
  11. You don't need 6 planters, 1 planter can plant 9 different types of crop, each square on that grid corresponds to a ninth of the planting space the planter has.
  12. No, in fact my oak farm produces a ton of saplings, needing less than 1/3rd of the space of the other types of trees. You don't have shear leaves on do you?
  13. The directions to install on the site are a little unclear so i've tried two things. Grabbing the default 1.4.7 sphax pure bd, and then dragging the fill\es from the tekkit lite sphax pure bd craft into one zip. And I've tried just using the tekkit lite bdcraft pack zip. Neither work.
  14. What the title says, all the mod textures work, none of the vanilla textures are retextured, they are still just vanilla.
  15. The thermal generator addon does not drain any heat, it just creates charge based on how much heat you have. And the sprint assist doesn't create heat.
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