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  1. And, if you don't keep it cooled properly, it starts lighting the surrounding landscape on fire. If it's not managed soon enough, the flaming bits start turning to Glass due to excessive heat and radioactivity. WAIT! New block added. Radioactive Glass.
  2. LUA is one programming language I never did learn. Feels like a shame that I didn't pick it up, Computer Craft and all.
  3. I stand corrected, I was thinking about Forestry's engine.
  4. I thought Buildcraft's Biofuel engine looked like one of their standard engines. I must have missed the addition of another one. But still, it doesn't make it any less funny to think that Buildcraft's Nuclear Engine might look like any of their other engines.
  5. I hear all of this and keep thinking. Either it's going to produce Buildcraft MJ which would make it a Buildcraft Engine (think on what THAT would look like) or it's going to produce Joules in the like of Universal Electricity devices which means that Voltz will eventually merge with Tekkit.
  6. I tended to fill many a Batbox, MFE, or MFSU on just Solar Power. Though I didn't have any overly elaborate mining setups that required a massive amount of continuous power to Macerate or Smelt anything. I tended to do most of the mining by hand. With a Drill or Laser. Now that I think about it, punching stone with a mechanical hand is much less cool that shooting a laser at it. POWER TOOLS ARE LAME COMPARED TO MINING LASERS!!!
  7. Now try doing all that with Buildcraft power. This was stated rhetorically.
  8. True, but I like to think you could do the "green energy" thing better with Solar than you could Biofuel or Lava. Now that I think about it, I never did create a Jetpack and use Biofuel to power it. I always used the Electric one. And I didn't grab much Lava from the Nether to power anything either. Hmm...
  9. I pretty much agree with that one. Set it and forget it is great if you want to get back to the cool stuff. Monotony and tedium is good in small doses, and completely necessary, but sometimes you just want to blow up a mountain with a Nuke without worrying how you're going to get the power to accomplish such a feat. Also, without having to switch to Creative.
  10. I agree with that sentiment. People complained that Redstone Engines were way too OP even though they produced almost no power and required Hundreds to make any dent into powering anything. That's a lot of Redstone when you think about it. What else were you going to use it for? Redstone Torches? Reminds me of the 1.5 pre-release Bonemeal is too OP arguments.
  11. All aside, I like a few "set it and forget it" power sources. Not a lot mind you. I still had a Nuclear Reactor even when I could have mad a MILLION Solar Panels. Just to power the little things though. I didn't need my Furnace or Macerator hooked up to Nuclear Power. That's just MADNESS.
  12. Unless you wanted a high yield reactor. That meant having to make sure it got shut off every so often to make sure it didn't go off.
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