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  1. I had been using the Autocrafting tables as well but I found a much easier and tidier way of doing it. I'm using an ME Precision Export Bus to export my items to the BioReactor so I have it set to Always Active and Stack Mode (Move single items/craft). Because I have an ME Molecular Assembler Chamber running with the patterns [1 Melon = 1 Melon Seeds] and [1 Pumpkin = 4 Pumpkin Seeds] the system will craft and export these items when there is space in the BioReactor's inventory. This gets rid of the extra step of autocrafting tables entirely.
  2. Version 1.1.7 is a "Latest build" and isn't necessarily stable or complete so you would use it at your own risk. It's a development build intended primarily for people to test to find bugs and problems. If you still want to use it you can find a download link in the forum post "Let's test 1.1.7". The version on the main website will only change when the "Latest build" gets promoted to a "recommended build" meaning it's stable and pretty much bug free.
  3. Spawning mobs takes more essence than they give when harvested. I think the only exception to this is slimes which I'm pretty sure are at least self sustaining (and possibly create more than they use - I haven't tested it) - this is because when the slime is killed it spawns 2 more smaller slimes and so on. All other mobs will eventually use up all the mobs essence and the system will stop. As long as you are still breeding animals, however, you'll always have a source of essence for your mobs spawners.
  4. Catch a Wither Skeleton in a Safari Net and throw it into an autospawner with it set to "Exact Copy: Yes". Job done.
  5. The mob grinder collects all the items that the mobs drop when they're killed so you'll still get chicken, pork, beef, leather, feathers and wool. Kind of makes the slaughterhouse somewhat redundant. I don't need to enchant things that often but I do always carry a Diamond pick with Fortune (primarily to increase the drops from when I'm gathering lots of nether quartz but is also useful if I see Certus Quartz, Diamond, Redstone, etc) and a diamond Axe since treecapitator doesn't appear to work with the gauntlet and they need repaired every so often so having tons of mob essence is useful.
  6. Breeders, chronotypers, grinders and slaughterhouses only have a 5x5 range anyway so there's no point making them larger as that just means you'll just potentially run into the problem of animals never breeding or being slaughtered. I was always a little annoyed they couldn't be upgraded though I suppose a 21x21 grinder would be massively OP if used for something like base defence. To be honest I only added the slaughterhouse when I discovered the a future need for pink slimes (laser drill precharger in 1.1.5). I've always had more than enough food being produced by the slaughter of the an
  7. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to rectify this problem. As far as I can tell sheep are more prone to clipping through the walls as the baby sheep try and get back to their parents thereby causing an occasional adult to traverse back to the breeding pen and thus begin exacerbating the problem (perhaps it's also something to do with sheep growing faster when they're allowed to eat grass?). I don't have a 100% reliable solution but the way I've minimized the problem (I check maybe once a day and only rarely do I have more breeding sheep than intended) is to use walls not fences and I
  8. Totally worth it Ore + 1 Sand -> Induction Smelter -> 2 ingots + 10% chance of rich slag vs Ore -> Pulverizer -> 2 Pulverized Dust -> Furnace -> 2 Ingots I use my Rich slag to increase the outputs of rarer ores like Ferrous
  9. Not true. There is rubber and rubber trees added by Minefactory Reloaded. Rubber you get from felling rubber trees, not from taps.
  10. Increase the amount of RAM assigned to Tekkit to (I think) 2Gb by clicking on the cog beside the Tekkit icon on the launcher. Tekkit can also take while to fully load and can give the appearance of having crashed - even on my i7 with 16Gb of RAM it takes about 30 seconds.
  11. They should be. If they're high ceilings they might not actually be illuminating as much as you think. F7 is your friend. It'll toggle an overlay to shows areas that mobs can spawn.
  12. I have to agree with that although even if you had every possible pattern in Tekkit programmed into it I'm not sure it'd need to be that size :D
  13. Our server has run maybe 20+ 64x64 quarries and we've never found a single Platinum ore. We've got all ours from pulverizing Ferrous. It's so rarely used that I haven't really considered it something about which to be concerned.
  14. Strictly speaking do liquiducts have a direction of flow? I've never really made a pipe long enough to notice. Any time liquid enters it just seems to fill all of them up at exactly the same speed.
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