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  1. I, for one, am pissed that mods are even available at all. They have really diluted the userbase for Minecraft "Classic." (I actually kept it short and sweet lol.)
  2. I am using the a modpack similar to what the Yogscast uses in their Moonquest series. It is recommended that you have (and allocate) 4gB of RAM to run this pack. Thanks to joshmoni for compiling the pack. It's super fun. Here is a link to the page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/yogcraft-147-yogscast-pack.156638 This is a small, whitelisted server paid for by me to have fun and explore the pack. It is generally up 24/7. The IP address is: Some rules to consider before you message me to get whitelisted: 1. I am not big on PvP. This serv
  3. You can also use an oil fabricator.
  4. I have had issues with using galacticraft power generation. (Coal generator, solar, etc.) I can hook up the solar panel to an gc energy storage module and it will fill up, allowing me to charge a battery, which I can in turn put into the rest of the gc machines, but directly powering gc machines with gc generated power is glitchy at best. My solution has been to use magmatic dynamos from Thermal Expansion. The fuel source is lava (which should be obvious from the name lol.) I use the TE Magma crucible powered by 3 magmatic dynamos. The magma crucible's lava is pumped into a tank, which fue
  5. If you are still looking for players for your Tekkit Lite Server, let me know. I love Yogscast too and want to make videos like them for my channel. Skype is streetplayer96.

  6. I have a small (6 slot) server that is currently running Tekkit Lite. I would be happy to whitelist any player that can refrain from being a douchebag. (Placing nukes, griefing other peoples stuff....you know who you are...) I live on the West Coast of the US. The server is hosted in Texas. It's pretty much up 24-7. I have had European and Aussie players playing on it with minimal lag. Message me (that's a pm..NOT a reply in this thread) if you are interested. Please include your Minecraft username so I can whitelist you. I am old, (44,) so you should be at least 18 or act like it lol.
  7. That is amazing. Thank you. I figured I would need to use computercraft, but not having any experience with it, I am going to have to do some basic research. Thank you also for making me aware of the ME Dark Cable, which wasn't mentioned in any of the AE tutorials I saw. Now to get to work. I had better do this on a test server, as my breeder is pushing the limits of its melting threshold, and I really don't want my base to end up like the first pic. (My breeder runs at 69,000 degrees.)
  8. I recommend geothermal generators and piping in lava from the nether. Not "infinite" per se, but it requires very little maintenance. My current starting regime: Geothermal Generators, build an ME system (highly recommended to learn Applied Energistics), autocraft solar panels. I also use uu-matter to make the mats for things, so setting up a mass fabricator and recyclers for the cobble from your quarry is highly recommended. Obviously, this takes a while. If you don't know AE, I recommend Mindcrafter's excellent tutorial.
  9. I know this is sort of unsolicited, but having used both Buildcraft and redpower extensively in base setups, it is extremely worth it to learn the Applied Energistics mod for processing and storage of items. Don't get me wrong, I love watching everything go through pipes, but the space you save with AE, as well as the autocrafting and general ease of interfacing your machines with your storage is extremely worth it. And fun! Mindcrafters did a 4 part tutorial on it, which really broke it down and made it easy to learn something that seemed a bit overwhelming to me at first. It's particul
  10. I have a very satisfactory nuclear reactor setup that automatically cools and refuels itself via my ME system. I also have a real nice, fast breeder reactor that is (almost) fully automated. The breeder reactor sucks out the re-enriched uranium cells and replaces them with depleted isotope cells. It uses Both reactors use quad uranium cells. The quad uranium cells are easy to shoot back in to the power plant reactor, as there is only one actual type of item going in. Not so with the breeder. What I need is a way (preferably using my existing ME system) to detect what comes out of the b
  11. I think it's pretty obvious he wants German speakers.Here's a better approximation than Google translate will give you. He basically is saying: I want to start a Tekkit Lite server with 4-8 people. We play together and have fun What you must bring: -be ready to talk in Skype or TS3 -No crappy attitude -Don't always set nukes off right away Message me!!!
  12. Oh...and the server rules are: Don't be a douchebag. Simple.
  13. I have a small "vanilla" Tekkit Server (no special plugins...just Tekkit 0.6.5) that currently has no one but me playing on it. It's really nothing special...except for the fact that it is mine You are welcome to give it a try. Message me your username and I will whitelist you and message you the ip. If you can follow instructions, you are worthy.
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