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  1. Also I don't know how to use this. http://postimg.org/image/m8rn3cf5b/
  2. Ok I did. Now I generate power but I think something wrong with wires my power is not effecting my other stuff. http://postimg.org/image/pr0xwgr3x/ This is the link of my screenshot.
  3. Even before the update I could not manage to generate power for galacticraft stuff. I have bunch of resources but I can't do anything with them because I don't know how. What have used to generate power?
  4. Okay people thank's for all post's but still can't do anything about the power. Do you know how to use coal generator?
  5. Sorry for that but this is not actually a glitch at all. Instead it's because of a mod called "chisel" or something else.
  6. Actually shift-click working for me. However I thing dragging gives you more luck for getting DNA's.
  7. Excuse me what are you using as a power source for galacticraft. I have been searching this for ages.
  8. How can i use dynamo's? I have them. Also I have coal generator, but it generates coal by using power which I can't find at all. Do you know how to collect cobalt ores at the nether? I have collected some but by using minions.
  9. I really don't know how to power blocks of some mods like galacticraft, thermal expansion etc. It's very annoying to have lot's of blocks that doesn't do a crap in your place. I need a guide. And I know this is making me look like new to mods but, I'm new to mods.
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