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  1. Piratical Times is a modpack that I designed to be pirate and adventure themed, it has very little land and very high amounts of oceans, as well as sealife and shipwrecks to fill that ocean. Custom configuration changes make most biomes(e.g. forests, plains, mountains) spawn less, and tropical ones(e.g. rainforests, swamps, volcanoes, jungles) spawn more.Using Cuchaz's ship mod, you can create your own ship or restore a shipwreck to functionality! On the server, coming soon if people will support it, you will be able to form crews and nations of pirates using the factions plugin, and conquer the world! I cannot add the images directly into this post, but here is a link to a folder containing several images of this pack.
  2. I didn't know you could directly access the Lua files! Thank you for helping with this, I got the problems solved, except for one. I had a bit of rollback on my world, and now am getting an error(bios:367: [string "Turtle"]:13: 'then' expected on this code.
  3. Thank you, sorry I can not edit my pastebin to make it easier, I got my turtle-side code fixed, but I can not get the error on the computer-side code fixed, it still wants a name. Okay, I figured out how to use the pastebin from the ComputerCraft OS, and made a new one of the computer-side code, which can be found here.
  4. If you can give me a full list of mods you want in it, I will make a pack for you with them and maybe a few more.
  5. Oh, right, thank you. I had forgotten such things existed.
  6. So, I am playing on a modpack using computercraft. I am using wireless rednet to make a remote control turtle, using an Advanced Computer and an Advanced Wireless Turtle. So far, I have a program named "Turtle" on both, that should allow you to use keys WASD to make the turtle go forwards and backwards, as well as turning left and right. I can not get it to work, can somebody help me? Here are the programs and error messages used and returned by the turtle and computer. So, I have an error in lines 4 and 2, and I can not figure out what the errors are. Can someone figure it out for me? Thank you.
  7. So, I created a modpack and want to make a server for it. Does anyone know a server host I could use that would be really cheap or, even better, free? I don't need it to be that fast or anything, just playable and usable.
  8. Oh. How annoying. I can not find any version more recent than: Cauldron-1.7.10-1217.01.205. Will that work?
    1. Brikitty28


      no i mean ones that used to work, including the developer-made modpacks won't work, it loads, then crashes and re-opens technic

    2. Brikitty28


      wait... woah, wtf...
      yours is the only one that works...

  9. I was thinking about trying this mod out, until I read this. Sorry, but I do not want to try out a modpack that is made by a person who can not type properly.
  10. Industrial Age the Turning is a good modpack, it also has an official server, but you probably could make your own for it.
  11. I created a Lord of The Rings modpack using the LotR mod created by Mevans, as well as Bibliocraft, and a mod called Extra Doors by Zolandre. The mod Tall Doors by tektor707 is also included. My pack can be found here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/recneps-middle-earth-pack.545316
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