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  1. 3.1 - Fixed some major quest bugs. - Added Secret Rooms Mod for players who use multiplayer. - All mods in the modpack updated and are up to date apart from Mekanism and Modtweaker, which have compatibility issues in later versions). - Some more crash fixes. - Added another quest, "Blastproof", which guides you on how to use Blastcraft in the modpack. Server files will be updated soon as well.
  2. Fixes a recipe bug and adds NEI Integration. As of now, all mods in the modpack are up to date and no crashes have been reported by YAMPST for a long time. Full changelog: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/minecraftia-at-arms.214588/changelog
  3. 3.0 The update you've been waiting for! I finally caved in - I couldn't leave you guys to wait until 1.8, so the update is here! If I posted a changelog, I would have to spend a few dozen minutes, something I wouldn't like to do, but the changes will be apparent as soon as you launch the main menu. Many mods have been removed and many mods have been added. I've also fixed a lot of bugs and made some performance and stability fixes. Overall, the modpack is a lot more lightweight, less laggy and much less buggy. Quests are better and more coherent. Mobs are harder, but not necessarily unbeatable. The modpack also comes with yShaders by default (thanks sensei277). Join the discussion at reddit.com/r/minecraftiaatarms! Hope you enjoy!
  4. Unfortunately I have been extremely busy over the last few months, and now since the first 1.8 mods are coming out I will be updating the modpack to that version when I put out an update
  5. Uploaded config + script files onto Github. Feel free to have a look at the configs/scripts and submit pull requests on them. I also don't mind if you use them for learning, just don't copy them outright. Redirect all bug reports there. https://github.com/galacticwarrior9/minecraftia-at-arms
  6. Managed to grab a beta build of Cauldron for Forge 1217 and patched it through some IRC log magic, will test on server files -
  7. They do break dungeons - I mean, it does make sense - if I was a zombie and I was sitting in a dungeon, I'd want to break out. However, they can't break mossy stone which can keep them trapped - this is intentional. However, I forgot that most battletowers were made out of cobble, so I'll be removing that specific feature in the next update. It is indeed done by SpecialAI and for me so far it doesn't have a major performance effect - the block list is quite small at the moment. It could be the fact you're on 1.6.4, though I'm not sure. It's best if you contact FatherToast for that kind of stuff I did indeed tinker around with the grief_scan, grief_delay and some other properties and lowered them slightly to ease the lag however.
  8. 2.2.1 Not much to see here, just a couple of updates and a few new mods. + Updated Unofficial NEI Plugins + Updated Simply Jetpacks + Updated Advanced Generators + Updated Gendustry + Updated bdLib + Updated OpenComputers + Stackie + Lunatrius Core + Redstone Armory + Bibliocraft Forestry + Bibliocraft Natura + Bibliocraft Biomes O' Plenty + Re-added Roguelike Dungeons If you need a nice, quiet place to build a house, try out this nice seasonal forest seed: -1500789116575538664
  9. 2.2 The Very Scary Update Well, it took a while, but it's finally here! The 'Very Scary Update', as some guy described it, has been released! It's a huge update, but here's a very hastily put together list of the new features: Mobs can passively grief you Many new mobs More villages and worldgen Turrets! Rewrote the broken quests! Helicopters! Updated over 9000 mods Mobs are even more difficult now - it is much more likely you'll be left under siege now Silverfish can randomly ambush you when mining A Bukkit full of new mods! Silverfish will ambush you when mining Full changelog:
  10. Some people might be wondering if the modpack is dead or not... Don't worry, it isn't! However, progress is slow on the next update due to various mod issues, a very slow computer that causes everything to freeze, homework out of this world and permission trolls. A lot of work has been done however with the help of Minetweaker and Modtweaker and I hope to release it within 2 weeks at least.
  11. I've created a tutorial for Thermal Expansion 4 for newbies with this modpack in mind http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/modded-minecraft-doubling-your-ores-thermal-expansion-34/ Also I'd love to see your creations Post them, even if it's only a dirt house! 2.2 will be coming out within two weeks including a full rewrite of the quests (excluding the Mekanism branch), more mods, 2x more tanks and guns, sentry turrets, updated mods, helicopters and possibly SecurityCraft! I've compiled the server files for 2.1.1 (inc. Cauldron before the DMCA drama closed it). If you need it, just ask! If I have enough time I'll up the spawnrate of the huge, somewhat rare dungeons and make BattleTower loot more rewarding (and hard) Did you like the modpack? Any feedback? Please post on this thread If there's a mod suggestion I'll see if it fits into the pack and let you know if I added it!
  12. As far as I'm concerned, if it's on the Mojang screen and it's 'Not Responding', it hasn't crashed, rather, it is loading. Correct me if I am wrong.
  13. It's a brave, new world for all you steves out there.... In 2045 AD the Kingdom of Minecraftia violently fragmented into a collection of factions and quasi-states fighting for control. Amidst the chaos, the mobs arrived, and with one savage strike, brought Minecraftia to its knees. The genocide and pillage that followed was so terrible that the seas were awash with blood and deserts were stained with a deep hue of red. The masses fled to the far reaches of space, but some remained. Now as some stabilize their primitive civilization, the ultimate warrior king rides with a million zombies at his back. It is truly the end of days. Minecraftia at Arms is a semi-hardcore modpack. If the mobs won't overwhelm you, hunger will as you are forced to the surface to grow food. From your humble beginnings with flint pickaxes all the way to colonizing Mars, you will face enemies throughout the way! How will you survive? Or indeed, how long? Can you create a civilization that will stand the test of time? Craft turrets to defend your base, engineer tanks and planes to literally blast your way through sticky situations. Mobs will randomly form groups and will call for reinforcements if attacked. Protect your base with blastproof blocks, and create grand quarries, processing facilities and structures. And if that's not enough, create a server and war with your friends! This modpack uses HQM and Iguana's Tweaks for TiC. Mekanism is in the modpack, though the tech-tree and recipes have been customized for the modpack. If you experience any bugs I recommend you post on this thread, or on the modpack discussion tab. The full mod list and download is available on the Technic modpack listing at: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/minecraftia-at-arms.214588 You should also check out these other cool modpacks, such as: Hexplore-it (for people who love exploring and challenge) JClite The 1.7.10 Modpack
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