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  1. I'll have to try running the pack again to figure that out. Please make sure the pack has been updated with the recommended changes referenced above and I'll check it out this afternoon.
  2. No need for anyone to get salty here. My apologies for not getting back earlier. While building the pack, I highly recommend using something like the BareBonesPack in the TechnicLauncher ( https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/barebonespack.271497 ). This will let you start with the base Forge and add/update mods until you get everything the way you want it. Once that is done you can package it up and update/create a full pack in the platform... or you could just play it within BBP.
  3. Feel free to follow up with more questions if you are still having issues.
  4. Was the link to the modpack always in the original post? Wow. I must be slipping. Onto your pack: You are using mods from sources other than where the authors distribute them. Don't do that: https://stopmodreposts.org/ Most of your mods are out of date, some incredibly so. Why are you making a pack now with a mod that was released nearly a year ago when the latest version is 3 days old? One of your mods is incompatible with OptiFine. That's why I suggested you temporarily remove/disable it. I did that and the pack started right up. Update your mods. Use versions from legitimate sources. See if that works. If it does, add OptiFine back in and see if that works. Come back here with more questions.
  5. LOL Yep, fail on my part (although I always have this hope that folks will catch on )
  6. Hmm. Maybe something wonky going on with OptiFine. Again, try pulling it. Might be something going on with PotionHelper. That being said, I can't do any more testing without the pack details.
  7. It looks like you are missing CodeChickenLib, a required dependency for NEI. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/codechicken-lib-1-8
  8. Always provide a link to your pack's platform page when requesting assistance. In this case it looks like OptiFine is conflicting with BetterFoliage. Try removing one and seeing what happens.
  9. I've sent you a message - not sure if you got it or not..

  10. Either roll back your nVidia drivers to the previous version (dated in the middle of December) or wait for them to provide a driver update.
  11. If the method is turning off August 31 then I see no benefit to listing it as a viable option on the page.
  12. please i need help my modpacks will not one and i have tried everything other people can open it but i cant


    PWEASE HELP:furcry::cry:

  13. Lots of options there: Limiting people to one /home Limiting use of /back to only after death (or similar) ThermalFoundation is awesome for being able to discretely control ore spawning from all mods. So many more
  14. Or, you could just play vanilla hardcore SSP. Joking of course, heh. On a more serious note, some of the "this is hard as hell" stuff like limited ores, no item teleporting, etc. can be quite cool. Removing all flight, /tp, /back, homes, etc.? Not going to get a lot of traction with that. Way too tedious.
  15. MediaFire is not a valid host for packs in the Platform. See this page: https://www.circlecraft.info/hosts/ Your modpack version is 1.0. Any time you alter the pack data or metadata the pack version number must be incremented. The contents of your modpack archive are in a subfolder. The required folders (bin, config, mods) must be at the top level of the folder structure inside the modpack archive.
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