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  1. I've sent you a message - not sure if you got it or not..

  2. please i need help my modpacks will not one and i have tried everything other people can open it but i cant


    PWEASE HELP:furcry::cry:

  3. +Rep Great Help!

  4. plowmanplow

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    I am attempting to consolidate details about modpack hosting alternatives: Modpack Hosts I try to keep this up to date so if anyone has additional information about the hosts listed, or others not yet included, please let me know.
  5. please try to help me I have sent you a private message i dont know if you got it


  6. plowmanplow

    Minecraft Mod implementing Solder API

    Yeah, only a small fraction of the client only mods will survive being in the /mods/ folder on a server. Most of them do not make any attempt to properly proxy their client calls.
  7. plowmanplow

    Minecraft Mod implementing Solder API

    Just curious, assuming it's just exposing the mods on the server, how does this deal with client only mods like minimaps, HUDs, WECUI, lighting, shaders, etc.?
  8. Hmm, I think you carried over an onChange that should be happening. When you change the first, it should change the second. When you change the second nothing should happen to the first.
  9. Solder, for whatever reason, does not default to sorting by reverse creation date. It sorts them in a way I've not bothered to run down but is definitely out of order. My DatPackRedux is an example: . The current build is 5.25.10 and the builds were created in the order you would expect (i.e. 5.25.9 previously, then 5.25.8, etc.). The order returned by Solder is quite wonky. As for the multi-select, I'm referring to a "multi" select box where you are able to see multiple options at the same time. Would be very useful since you could have the second field auto-switch to whatever you select on the first, then since multiple options are displayed the one you want to compare to should be right below (or close) to the selected version.
  10. It would be helpful if the select fields were: Sorted highest/newest to lowest/oldest Multi-line fields
  11. plowmanplow

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    If you are getting an error with dropbox (and you haven't blown out your bandwidth limits) then you are either constructing your link improperly or you have a problem inside your modpack archive. Please start a new thread with the relevant information in the Platform Pagoda forum.
  12. plowmanplow

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    How much bandwidth are you thinking you'll need? Dropbox is perfectly viable at their free tier unless your pack is both very large, and very popular. If either or both of those are true then wouldn't it make sense to pay for a product that gives you the tools to manage your resources properly instead of something which is offered for free with limited functionality? As I said, I'll see what other options are available and post something back here in the next few days. Edit: Just a cursory look into dirt cheap VPS offerings with (theoretically) unmetered bandwidth can be had for as little as $9/yr.
  13. plowmanplow

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    There is that old but accurate adage, "If you aren't paying for something on the internet, you aren't the customer you are the product." This goes for cloud storage/services just like everything else. They'll only survive for as long as they are able to market you (not market to you) or that it provides a means to expand their business. It is trivially easy, and next to free, to host about anything you want online. I suppose I should do my part and audit the available options to see what's viable both at cost and for "free". I'll see about that in the coming days.
  14. plowmanplow

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    Yeah, that's never going to happen The bandwidth costs would be crippling unless it was at a cost, and then why not go with one of the for-cost solutions which fit that business model much better?
  15. plowmanplow

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    In case you haven't logged into your account recently, they have announced that they are discontinuing their cloud storage service on May 1, 2016.