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  1. Ok, I have a forge modpack 1.7.10. I've set up a server with mods and forge and everything and it works fine. But the issue is, is I want plugins in my server. Any help? Also, my plugins will only use forge - nothing else.
  2. I've sent you a message - not sure if you got it or not..

  3. also - looking back to this - you talk about running the mod... I installed the mudpack and installed it - now what? and also where is the config file born?
  4. Question - what website do you use for your modpacks - since dropbox doesn't work?
  5. Link for vanilla download?
  6. Ok. I understand step 3 - but is there anything that can walk me through step 1 and 2? How do you even run a mod? How do you test the mods in a clean client?
  7. I'm new to technic and want to make a mudpack - I started one and it didn't work. I created a file, put two files in there saying 'bin' and 'mods'. I put loads of mods in there, then selected bin and mods and selected 'add to archive'. I then went to dropbox and did the link thing. When I tried to download, it said it couldn't find it. When I started putting one mod in, it said the same for all mods: (attached the file) Help?
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