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  1. This thread REALLY needs to be updated or unpinned. all bugs in OP are now fixed in current versions and are now irrelevant unless the user is using an outdated pack. This thread has just become a place for the newbs to mass bug report with the same exact issues as those above them without actually reading anything.
  2. It seems no other power sources work with galacticraft currently and I havn't seen anything that can load chunks in this modpack.
  3. Your running out of memory. You can try to allocate more but, It seems your running a 32 bit system so you cant allocate more than 4gb of memory. How much ram do you have in your computer total?
  4. How do you expect us to help if you don't post proper information. You need to tell us what you were doing, and post the error log when it crashed. Without this you will not receive help from anyone.
  5. I think you need to post some more clear information then about your client because this works just fine for most people.
  6. 1. Pastebin error logs plz. 2. This belongs in it's own post. It will get moved here if it becomes a common problem.
  7. You need to be at level 8 in order for this to work.
  8. Your problem is your using Hamachi. You should setup the port forwarding properly.
  9. This is the wrong thread to post that in. This is a common problems/solutions thread, You have your own problem. Post your own topic with more information and someone might be able to help you out.
  10. I have been noticing an issue with the Galacticraft power system. Whenever I leave the chunks/server then return, the power grid is no longer connected properly. I need to break a few wires and replace them to get them to send power again. Upon a little bit of research it seem to have to do with the advanced solar panels according to the galacticraft wiki. However no one there has a solution to this. This bug makes it nearly impossible to survive on the moon/mars safely. Every time I reconnect, I need to immediately run to the power system and get it working again to keep my air flowing. Thi
  11. Try googling it - http://lmgtfy.com/?q=necromancy+mod+minecraft
  12. Hit H. You know you could always look up the mod on the mcforums and do a lil research yourself.
  13. There is a conflict with the new enchanting system and one of the suits of armor in the game. If a player crafts a piece of meteoric armor, they can disenchant it and gain 6 levels. They can then take this armor and right click with it in the hot bar, and it will regain the enchantment. Rinse and repeat a few times and the player has a set of armor and tools that makes them fairly godlike. And with the insane amount of meteors that seem to pelt the surface, its not hard for a player to craft a full hot bar of these armor pieces fairly early in the game. This can seriously break any kind of pu
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