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  1. Minecraft Name:craziemousie Skype Name:craziemousie Age:22 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10):5-6 Favorite Mod:galacticraft, tinkers construct Do you plan to record? no What do you like to do in Minecraft? build and learn Why do you want to be in this server?i would like to be around experianced people, away from the griefing of other servers, where i can have fun. What else should we know about you? i log on at random times, and when i get stuff from mob spawns or abandoned mines i share everything
  2. what is in your serverStart.sh file? are you positive your ubuntu is 64bit and java is 64bit?
  3. probly dont want to... but uninstall and reinstall, check your memory settings and check memory on your computer.
  4. im trying everything new in this pack, but dont know how to use necromancy. please help?
  5. just keep hitting play after each fail and it will download piece by piece
  6. when it fails, hit play again and after a few tries it will download again
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