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  1. I think you could blacklist the block ID for the door material itself, then of course delete all the pocket dimensions from your server. This would largely just leave the dimensional door platforms but since the block ID for the door block itself would be blacklisted it wouldn't spawn. I really hate Dimensional Doors, other than cheaping your way across vast distances I just don't see its point...its a huge memory hog for very little actual benefit.
  2. Interesting cause I just attempted to connect a heavy aluminium wire to a redstone energy cell and it simply wouldn't connect, and redstone energy conduits connect just fine to the GC Solar block..but the array doesn't output power via conduits at all. I'll have to dick around with it some more but regardless of that the GC Solar Panels aren't really designed for heavy power output regardless and don't really match the capability of IC2's solar arrays..but again, thats not that big a deal given the other power generation methods available.
  3. You can actually use the steam your reactor is creating by....creating a turbine reactor to harness the steam power. I've been building them in creative to get my head around them and so far Big Reactors is really coming along as a very nice long term power solution as long as you set everything up correctly and feed a main reactor to a blutonium, then push steam from both of those to a turbine reactor using gold blocks for the conductance coil (there may be better blocks for it....AE crystal blocks might be even better but not sure if its supported yet but the main idea here is conductivity a
  4. IC2 is a mess compared to Thermal Expansion, don't get me wrong I do miss a lot of the power generation capabilities that IC2 gave us but you can do almost all of them via Thermal Expansion and Atomic Science and Big Reactors have replaced IC2 nuclear options relatively well. The only thing I think that is really missing from the dance in comparison between IC2 and TE based tech modding is IC2's solar array's as compared to the solar options available in Tekkit right now. Galacticraft Solar is completely incompatible with Thermal Expansion energy storage, which means power generation on no
  5. Basalt from Project Red is a very blast resistant material. Its my favorite anti-creeper buidling material.
  6. Okay lets keep qCraft and dump EE3 then. I mean seriously, who's using that stuff anyways? Anyways we don't really get to decide on this process but its nice to field opinions about it just the same.
  7. If we really want to talk about Mods that belong in Tekkit as it currently is...Mekanism is a definite choice...just because of its variant powergen options. The addition to Osmium to the worldgen is a little problematic but...largely it does fit the needs of higher end high/tech industry and its power generation systems are very suited towards being smaller, but effective for providing legitimate power on non overworld bases. Its not super effective to haul a ton of resources to the Moon unless you're willing to go into Mystcraft to deal with the travel...I personally think its kinda cheating
  8. 2MB is generally the max if you're using Multicraft's FTP interface, you can upload larger files by using an FTP client and your FTP login information and doing it that way.
  9. This mod largely works on the UE API...which is in Tekkit Main, it also requires CalclaviaCore...which is in Tekkit Main, and requires Forge...which is also in Tekkit Main. So...any idea why my client just flat out refuses to load when attempting to build it into a native Tekkit main installation? It should literally be automatically adaptable..but the client just crashes loading up. Crash log to follow, not that its going to help make it more understandable. If anyones worked their way around this before, please feel free to point out where I'm completely being a derp. But
  10. If you've done a straight tekkit install then it should be called Tekkit.jar, if you've run a custom mod install you will either get a custom.jar or current.jar as your jar file that is launched by the server. PermissionsEx and Grief Prevention should work together fine.
  11. Well there are thousands of plugins it largely depends on what you're trying to achieve. I run a very small server for the purposes of videography so I just use EasySpawn....which allows me to quickly change the world spawn to where I want it after finding the area of a map I want to be working in. I also use CreeperControl because that allows Creepers to stay dangerous but stops them from constantly blowing holes in the world...which gets old after awhile....though could possibly be considered a bit cheaty depending on how you look at it. I also use BoiledFlesh to turn Rotten Flesh into s
  12. If you're using MCPC+ setting up plugins from Bukkit.org is relatively simple, as long as the plugin you want to use is compatible with MC 1.6.4 you're largely good to go. So basically get MCPC+ for MC 1.6.4, upload to the server root directory via FTP, rename the Tekkit Jar file to Tekkit.jar.bak and name the MCPC+ Jar to Tekkit.jar or Custom.jar depending on what your set up requires. Then after that any Bukkit or Forge based plugin can be dropped into your Plugin directory and used relatively easily depending on the plugin.
  13. Enriched Uranium does give radiation poisoning but you can mitigate it by moving it quickly from a furnace to a storage space and just making sure you're not starving so you don't die. But yes the starting process for processing yellorite using a furnace turns up enriched uranium and not yellorium ingots, you get yellorium ingots once you start pulverizing the ore into dusts and using a redstone furnace to make the ingots.
  14. Soon, I have some friends that are going to be getting involved and we're getting some music worked out for the series because we have a couple guys that do original music as well...it'll be fun and hopefully fairly good due to the collaboration and production quality going into it.
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