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  1. hey guys, is it possible to add industrialcraft 2 for tekkit 1.6.4? i have tried to donwload the mod and put it in the mods folder, but the came just stops loading, and it jumps back to the technic launcher... anyone who can help me out?
  2. hey guys, i have this thing going on with captainsparklez mod pack, i want to add atomic science to this modpack, but how the heck do i do that? every time i try, the launcher opens up the game, loads for a minutes, shuts down, and im at the launcher again... what could i do? thank you
  3. hi guys, i have been playing a lot of technic packs, and in some of them, there is a HUD telling you what block you are looking at, and what mod it's from. is there any way i can get this in the big dig mod pack? thank you