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  1. ok heres the skinny you need first to configure the input/output for the sides you want to use to transfer in and out of your me system then put an import bus on the output side of the furnace and an export bus on the input side of the furnace then configure each to input and output the items you want smelted. optionally you can use a interface to input items into it however you will need an encoded pattern for this to work and then in your me terminal you can click craft and it will send the item in to be smelted check the wiki and or youtube for further info on this hope t
  2. im a n00b and didnt go deep enough into the forums i see this issue has been solved already mods go ahead and slap me and delete this post sorry ok so i got a new computer with win 8.1 and surprise tekkit wouldnt work so i search the internet and tried all the fixs i could find still no joy then i had a spark of an idea i deleted the java install which was java 8 and installed java 7 problem fixed so if you like me got a new comp with win 8.1 theres the fix hope this helps
  3. i just got a win 8.1 machine and it took me some figuring but i got it working first thing dont install java 8 it dont work get java 7 this fixed my issues immediatly if your still having problems theres a java options fix too theres a video about it on youtube just remember to use java 7 not 8 hope that helps
  4. also i read storage chests in a minecart are impervious
  5. its basically a server wrapper which add bukkit plugin compatibility
  6. the answer is simple they eliminated them from nei because it used so much space and made finding things way harder i believe there is a way to add them back in through configs but im not sure how
  7. lukeb28 should be banned for his obvious reference to the b-28 bomber (never officially released) for its massive destructive capabilities thus showing his true intentions of complete world dominance (rise up i say rise up fellow earthonians and defend yourselves before its too late)
  8. i second that buy the game and all your hacking troubles will disappear its kinda the price you pay for not supporting good game writing what you want your cake and eat it too all for free well then get used to being hacked or go play mario i think its free now
  9. Delete his player info on the server I can't quite recall atm how but it will fix the issue
  10. you missed the point they are talking about the lakes not the machines atm you cant pump from a lake and like pessi said you dont need pumps for machines they auto output stuff including liquid in all actuality taking the stuff out of the machine is imo rather pointless as it really doesnt do much atm and in no way impedes the machines productivity
  11. yes that one is better though he's right more ram would be recoomended to bad the ram is diff or you could just add some fromt he other one to the one you gonna use though for 3 ppl 2 gig allocated should be okay thats what we run on our server with up too 5 ppl on at a time no issues you might consider getting mcmyadmin its really worth it for server manage ment it will auto back up and auto run any command you want plus it makes perms super easy
  12. Save the program to disc in 1.0.6 and break computer replace in 1.1.5 and load program No guarantee but it may work
  13. If I recall there's a way using a glove with rail gun set and fully charged put in a dispenser for what ever reason fools tekkit into thinking a player killed it and so they drop shards
  14. I thought your name was karkat

    I'm going to just say it's karkat

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