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  1. - Number of people desired: 2-5 - Active time zone and times: Eastern US 1600-2100 - Activity level (hours/day or week usually active): Few times during the week, mostly weekends - Any inactive mods/items you may have: None Looking to play with like minded mature adults, not on some kid friendly server. So long as everyone is decent and respectful I can handle the odd adult conversation. Just looking to build, chat, and relax. Not really into PVP in Minecraft, I have plenty of better games for that.
  2. Make sure you match up the version of Sphax 128x from his website with the version of MC your Tekkit build is using, ie. 1.4.6 for Tekkit Lite. You can also pull out the zombie skins individually from your current pack to look at them to compare them side by side. That should tell you which ones are misaligned from the hat area. There is a separate patch available from the same website for IC2 or you can browse those forums for a patch for whichever Tekkit you use.
  3. Just install Optifine if you want or need it. Now you can pick which one you want for even more customization.
  4. Combined with the 1.4.6 version of 64x Basic Sphax this patch is still okay for Tekkit Lite for me so far, I did have to manually add in Optifine to fix the water/lava textures however.