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  1. (Filling this out for a friend who I vouch for but who doesn't have or want a account) Your In Game Name: ElSamir Your age: 26 Where you are from: New Jersey, USA Whitelist this sumbitch for me pls. <3
  2. Boop. Sup ya'll. Gimme dat whitelist again pls. Edit: To clarify I wasn't un-whitelisted due to griefing or rule-breaking etc, I stopped playing back when the server was still Minerva's Realm.
  3. Age: 22 IGN: spaceage90 Why: Old server no longer exists after I took a break from Minecraft, looking for a new one to meet other Minecrafters and build random hoobajoobs. What: Depends on the terrain really, I just build something that is aesthetically pleasing to me. In my old server I had a cafe selling soup and food, shop for colored wool, sheep farm, and plantation house with garden. (all of those had been griefed, pond drained, wool changed with Philo Stone in wool shop, wood changed in Cafe, etc, which lead to me taking a break from Tekkit)
  4. No website, no name, though those of us who play on it regularly have taken to calling it Tmekkit Lite after our fearless leader.
  5. lol, yeah. I was going to quarry it today when I saw it. That is why there is a quarry there now. Last night there was not and it was fine. :c I brokeded it all. Srsly ban quarries lol. Server may just need to be reset to fix it, since it wasn't last night.
  6. Might be mine, I had just placed it before I started crashing again because I was an idiot and mistakenly assumed PROBLEM SOLVED. tmek ban quarries pls lol (In all seriousness that would solve so many problems.) EDIT: Could it be due to quarries who are next to activated landmarks but haven't taken the shape of the landmarks due to the lack of available chunkloaders? That was the case with mine.
  7. Title: Quarry-Related Crash on Login Version: 0.5.7 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Java Version: J7U15 Description of Problem: Crash immediately upon login to the server in proximity to a quarry. Error Messages: None, just crash report below. Error Log:
  8. Hey Tmek, when you get a sec can you move me manually back to spawn? (Or delete the block causing my problem) Whenever I log in I instantly crash because of a quarry near where I'm at (mrlemons1995 and OrAnGeS1995's house) I already did a full reinstall of Tekkit Lite, so I dunno wtf. I don't think the server's crashing just me or maybe all people around there? Might just need to eat that block. -- Tile entity being ticked -- Details: Name: Machine // buildcraft.factory.TileQuarry Block type: ID #0 Block data value: Unknown? (Got -1) Block location: World: (-889,64,-1472), Chunk: (at 7,4,0 in -56,-92; contains blocks -896,0,-1472 to -881,255,-1457), Region: (-2,-3; contains chunks -64,-96 to -33,-65, blocks -1024,0,-1536 to -513,255,-1025) Stacktrace: at yc.h( Full error log here -> EDIT: I don't know if it fixed itself or if you fixed it but I seem to be fine now. Maybe someone else picked up the quarry. EDIT2: I went near another quarry and it started doing it again, so I dunno wtf. ;; Now I'm near spawn.
  9. I don't think anyone thinks he's doing it on purpose, but there's also the aspect of 'the server seems to be crashing when I get on and people seem to be confirming that to me, maybe I should take a break and not overreact and cry on the forums about it'. Also I agree with Farvin that the signal-to-noise ratio is becoming.. well.. miserable at certain times of the day and definitely support a whitelist. While it does discourage new-new Tekkit players I feel like it's pretty common in a pack like this with so many ways to bugger things up if you don't know what you're doing reasonably well. I mean it's the 2nd time in a week that the server has been severely crippled by someone's cock-up. Might also cut down on all the newbies crying 'Griefer'. (Or they could just lrn2claim, but that's a whole 'nother mamajam) I would disagree with wyjkk that having a whitelist 'doesn't create [a] friendly atmosphere' as that depends more on the quality of people playing rather than the quantity. At the end of the day it's all up to tmek to fix all our cock-ups and clean up all the messes and he's a great guy and admin for putting up with all the shit and actively trying to fix things. He's just one man for crying out loud. D:
  10. This problem seems to be related to IC2 wiring (and piping and Blutricity wiring) using 2 items at a time when placed. Having 1 wire and placing it gives you -1 wire. Also now someone else seems to have corrupted their chunk and this time doesn't even have the common decency to know they've done it and try to help us figure out where. :/ tmek whitelist pls Also @adavidso; The "Edit" button exists for a reason, stop double and triple posting pls. EDIT: adavidso, in a hilarious twist of fate you're one of the people causing the crash, lol. Stop logging in for the time being. EDIT2: Minedraulics is also crashing the server. He managed to give us coordinates. -938, -1444
  11. Confirmed happening to Orange_Ink, Phantom-something (can't remember name) and carneymaster11 who was kind enough to give coordinates before we asked him to take the night off so the issue can be fixed. -231 -225. Being that that's super close to spawn I feel like this is going to be a big issue. tmek pls halp <3 EDIT/UPDATE: Using the dynmap that scrambles luckily had a link to we found that where carney was is close to both Orange_Ink and Ember's claims so yep.. def in that area.
  12. Firstly, (to clarify) the forum rules make no difference between double posting, bumping, or low-effort posts. Secondly, you should read the Rules, located here before you get probated. Thirdly, why don't you post in the Maxpack texture pack thread (the one that you linked in your post) asking that? You're more likely to find someone who likes Maxpack enough to want to add mod support there.
  13. Can you open and extract both .zips? Could just be a corrupted archive.
  14. Did you recompress correctly? When you open the Archive it should look like this: Sounds like you might have them all in a main folder within the archive when they shouldn't be.
  15. Good, great. Should be pretty easy to track down the mods that are in Tekkit but not Technic and integrate the patch, if one exists. Thanks for using it! :)