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  1. There are no pistons. Image of the gate while open. If I turn the lever off, then the door is essentially locked, though unfortunately it only stops the pressure plates already in place from working, another form of switch can still be placed to open them. But then, that's true of basically all doors. I'd need to switch to piston-based "doors" or some form of sliding door via RP motors to make them more any more player-proof.
  2. This is what I got: Can anyone think of any ways to compact it?
  3. So here's what I'm trying to do: I have a simple pair of double doors with two pressure plates on either side. There's red alloy wire running beneath all six blocks, so walking on either side momentarily opens the door. I like that, but I'd like to add some way for me to hit a switch that will "lock" the door so standing on the pressure plates will no longer open them. Ideas? I imagine this will involve either latches or redstone torches, but I'm not sure how it would go together . . .
  4. I'm not sure what you mean, what should I be checking for?
  5. Is the Water Strainer supposed to stop producing power if the storage unit it's attached to is full? Mine seems to have done exactly that, which may explain why it was flickering before.
  6. The wiki says that a pump with 4 redstone engines can power 14 strainers. But I have a group of 12 water strainers that are flickering on and off, which I assume would mean that they're not getting enough water from a single pump. Is that the case, or is there some quirk I'm missing here that makes them give off the full 2 eu/t, despite flickering on and off? Is the wiki wrong, or is it some other factor (maybe the design of the pipes carrying the water) that's making this not work? Was going to provide a screenshot, but imgur is being unfriendly.
  7. I'm not sure, I don't think they do but I want to check.
  8. I suspect they were both outdated versions. I downloaded another version of Soartex, and it seems to be working,
  9. When I select a texture pack, there's a brief lag (which is normal), but nothing happens. The textures aren't appearing on the menu or in-game, it just keeps the vanilla look. I've tried it with both the Faithful x32 and Soartex Fanver to the same results. Any ideas what's wrong? I'd suspect that the textures are out of date, but then I think textures would be broken in-game, and even then I'd think they would at least apply to the menu.
  10. IGN: Sebiale Age: 21 Country: US Timezone: Central (GMT -6) Ever banned?: No Reason for joining: Would like a fresh world to learn more of the advanced uses of Tekkit mods, with company.
  11. My interest stems from the pictures and server name; I get the impression that at least some of you are into redstone, redpower, computercraft, etc. I've recently begun delving into that stuff myself, so it'd be nice to have people around who have experience with it. P.S. What do PEX and Essentials do?
  12. So I recently got a geothermal mk2 up and running, and since the MFE puts out 128 Eu/T, I needed some stronger cable. I made 2x insul iron, and attached it to the geotherm, and it attached to the machines OK, but as soon as I tried to put something in the extractor it disappeared. I didn't get an explosion sound or the stuff inside back, so I'm not sure if it exploded or not. Do I need to somehow scale down the power for low-tier machines?
  13. Upgraded to launcher .5.4.7 Still experiencing the issue.
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