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  1. Is there anyway we could talk on Skype?

  2. If I can find the time. I could do one for you. Depends on my upcoming weeks of work. This one one I made back for our 1.8.1 bukkit server for an example. Not the greatest video, but an example of what we did.
  3. Thats con No but with one blazerod, a condenser, and a macerator and a timer set to 1/2 a second..you can in about an hour: mass produce the things you need to make about 20 macerators, 20 condensers, and tubes to feed them all while each new loop multiples the dusts from the blaze rods, and use one of those 20 condensers to mass produce lava buckets (or coal) from blaze powder to feed a thermalgen/generator to power the other macerators. so in an hour you can have 20 macerators going (no idea why if you was doing mass blazerods you would use 1 mac with overclockers when you can have 2 dozen in an hour). So let me rephase it..with one blazerod, and the basic mats you can get in that first hour (with one guy collecting, and another making the basic machines to get started out of what the first is mining). You can set up and pump out masses of anything unattended for the next 6. (for total of 7 hours)
  4. Id agree, if you have nothing blocked/fixed. the whole "get one blazerod and your set" could do it in that time easy. one blaze rod, a few macerators and your set to make anything in mass in 7 hours :(
  5. why cant you use the tekkit laucher? perhaps its better to figure out what wrong.
  6. Dont use hamachi unless you absolutely need to. Its worth the 15 minutes to learn how to forward a port, its knowledge you can use forever.
  7. Haha yea, but he had it organized anything that wasn't 'useful' he had the deployer that was picking them up off the ground to sort, cycling back to the recyclers to make scrap out of them to try for a good item again..lol So all he had to do was login and check the chests good items got piped to and take it out.
  8. Dont put the IP in your config file. leave that blank. Since your network IP isnt the same as your internet IP. For being a noob in programming, no idea, never seen anything you programmed :P
  9. You havent seen some of the players I have. ..lol One did nothing but make a cobble farm that looked like the scene from the matix of the pods, 1/5th of the scrap it made went generators to power the 40 recyclers making the scrap. And 4/5th went to auto table to make scrap boxes that went to a deployer. He was spitting out scrap boxes faster than a timer set to 1/2 a second could spit out the items to sort them.
  10. But they arent, you can make a huge cobble generator, that goes to scrap from like 10 recyclers to a row of auto crafting tables that makes the boxes. that shoots them out of a deployer infront of a filter that sorts good items from jumk..that picks up the items. So endless free items In 1 day and 100 compact cobblegens, you can get a chest of ores and diamonds
  11. Did you port forward to the right internal IP of the machine running the server? if it works locally but not with IP, your port isnt open.
  12. google "what is my IP" really man, not trying to talk down to you. But you sure your ready to run a server? when you cant seem to google answers to even the most basic questions about it. Or want to even try to use google to learn about what your trying to do, just asking for answers to things you don't understand to start with....teaching a man to fish and all that. Finding java 1.7 you google "java 1.7" Finding your IP you google "what is my IP"
  13. OHH yea, why anything like that is disabled. I see tekkit as a "making things you always did easier" type gameplay myself. Not a "easy way to make endless items" Anything anyone has on mine was gotten from 'somewhere', you know it had to be mined/crafted/etc. Even if it was with a quarry, and auto routing crafting table setup...the raw materials in it all was gotten, not 'poofed' in.
  14. UUM. mass fab, scrap boxes, etc I have off also..any item/machine that does any type of "make unlimited item out of nothing while you are AFK/offline" is turned off on ours. And solar panels i think you lost me. How would they ruin the eco?
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