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  1. You got something wrong though. The Crusher is not for crushing ore into dust! It is for crushing Ingots into dust! You need a Enrichment Chamber to turn Ore's (Even obsidian Ore) into dust!
  2. You can always check out the wiki at: http://voltzwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page We are trying to fill it up as quickly as possible. Try to start with the Coal Generator, an Battery Box and an Electric Furnace. The Voltz mod pack is quite new for a lot of people. That means not a whole lot is documented yet. We are getting there though! Dont hesitate to ask questions here! The thing most people stumble upon is that the Copper Wire takes 6 Leather instead of 6 Wool. So try to get some Wheat and Cow's and get farming! Railcraft even has a Feed Station to help you with the feeding a bit ! ;)