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  1. and back down, i also am unable to join on 0.5.9 cause my launcher keeps chrashig, oh what to do im so bored
  2. im sorry but ill have to cut you off there, kidnergarten level would mean that there are no mobs that spawn in, but that is not true since they do spawn in and at a faster rate than normally, and for those of you who said that its no fun with graylist and noone on there is a board if you HAD looked to write your name locations and age for getting on the greylist and i check it quite often.
  3. best server evar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ok if this ban is about zeldafan, then my reply is simple, he repetedly spawn camped on some people whos beds lay in their closely laid out home, every time they tried to leave he would kill them and in response i ended up using an entity radar to find and kill him, but other than that i did nothing wrong
  5. well this is news to me, i thought i was the only mod so far, but i never see the guy, must be on in my offtimes.
  6. yo david, for some reason i ended up becoming banned, any reason why? and if not please unbann me, it said banned, banned by an operator
  7. oh dont worry im really good at getting what i need in a game like minecraft, i play skyrim so you are not getting the better of me
  8. yeah that kinda sucks, i was so far into it to, was there a major grief? i tried getting on for hours before giving up
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