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  1. Crashed before restarting, updated mods + plugins and tekkitlite, it appears there is a fault with the node sent a ticket to the host.
  2. yeah just add me on skype pandacraft.uk Also server is down due to crash ive made a ticket and awaiting restart by host provider.
  3. Sorry been working sent a ticket to the host and awaiting him to fix.
  4. got a host new ip is i'll change it in the orginal post guys
  5. server is up finally got my internet sorted still no host unfortunatly
  6. Server has been down im trying to sort things out and planning on getting a host tonight or even tommorrow.
  7. Wob wob wob wob wob.

  8. Server broke at some point yesterday it says it was overloaded but yesterday was my birthday and i was out with family so i apologise.
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