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  1. Crashed before restarting, updated mods + plugins and tekkitlite, it appears there is a fault with the node sent a ticket to the host.
  2. yeah just add me on skype pandacraft.uk Also server is down due to crash ive made a ticket and awaiting restart by host provider.
  3. Sorry been working sent a ticket to the host and awaiting him to fix.
  4. got a host new ip is i'll change it in the orginal post guys
  5. server is up finally got my internet sorted still no host unfortunatly
  6. Server has been down im trying to sort things out and planning on getting a host tonight or even tommorrow.
  7. Server broke at some point yesterday it says it was overloaded but yesterday was my birthday and i was out with family so i apologise.
  8. You forgot to mention where you stole from them and then you mocked them for it, so they found you and did w/e you say but u have no proof other than a house with a chunk missing why didnt u take a screenshot?
  9. Not at this moment in time i'm working on a new rank for trusted members.
  10. 1. thanks for your input mystcraft is banned 2. and its my bandwidth i dont have a host yet
  11. Information: Hostname: RAM: 3GB SSD Uptime: 99% (Computers sometimes fail people) 1gbit/s link speed. Plugins: -Areaprotect -CoreProtect -Essentials + Groupmanager -Worldguard + Worldedit -Clearlag -AutoMessage Why I started the server: Well basically I was sick of going on Tekkit lite servers hosted from people on their home pc's (not that there is anything wrong with that) but generally after about 2-3 days they would get bored or sick of it and just close the server or they wouldn't administrate it enough. So I have made this server to combat those annoying scenarios as well as give myself a world to build in that wont be a waste of my time and end in 2 days. What users are we looking for? We are looking for friendly users who are not easily offended or irrational. Whitelist? There isn't a whitelist the server is open to everybody and anybody! Rules: No Griefing (stealing is allowed its the users responsibility to protect their stuff.) No Bullying (Verbally or In-game, i.e killing the same person over and over again.) No asking for stuff or permissions or ranks (because it's silly and annoying.) 1 Quarry per person (lags server if a person has like 20 so more than 1 is an instant bannable offence Do not debate religion or any other kind of personal views there are debating forums for that (you can express your opinion just do not force it on others.) Banned Items: - Nuke - Industrial TNT - Mining Laser (Trusted Users get permission to use this.) - Computer Craft (Disabled due to lag issues) News: 12/02/2013: new host ip changed also now a 40 slot server 30/01/2013: Waiting till the 7th Feb (payday) to buy a host till then I will continue to host but at 15 slots as my network cant handle 17-20 people. Website is under way and should be finished shortly, we also have updated to 0.5.7 and a lot of bugs fixed as a result of this! I hope you get the time to stop by thanks for your time.
  12. it is a temp ban of 3-5 days depending if it was spam which it wasnt so you should be unbanned tommorrow
  13. Sorry Corbeneck and Nine the reson i made a new world is because when i first started the server MYSTcraft was enabled and it made another world which caused a whole heap of problems with performance, and plugins i reset the world and will some what compensate you both im going back to the old permissions as i have no experience with Forge Essentials and its just making no sense and is way more complex than it needs to be
  14. sorry i was asleep but i dont know what went wrong it seemed normal make sure your putting the port at the end of my ip like this i restarted the server this morning so it should be working
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