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  1. has anyone taken into account that almost all tekkit battles are in air? i mean good luck hitting some like that while there zippin around in the air
  2. OK im really getting sick of this because all you -->need<-- is the quantum armor the plus ring of the arcana, plus void ring, plus klein star(which doesn't even need to be on the hotbar) and then an alchemy bag, then you dont have to give a crap about "space" have all the abilities and be invincible. really is it that complicated, i do this exact build and have never had a day in tekkit were i went O man my WHOLE ALCHEMY BAG is full
  3. This is either a troll (btw good job too) or you have some sort of internal mumbo jumbo that others are better suited for solving
  4. Dude I have absolutely no problems so their are most likely two problems: 1) your computers actually a toaster 2) Or you have a corrupt file and you need to wipe your tekkit folder ( for windows just search %appdata% -> .techniclauncher -> tekkit) anything else your outa luck there's a million things that could be going wrong and since this is not a common problem you're screwed
  5. Seems like an improved version of technic and tekkit that has more room to grow... ...and hopefully wont give me a migraine each time I play... Edit: Nevermind this gives me a headache too
  6. I'm at the computer...

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