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  1. Nice idea. Although my humble abode has ended up being a huge stone and timber castle type thing with 6 floors (I'll just hollow out that bit), acres of glass and all it has in it - is a bed on one floor and a few machines on another.
  2. Glad to be of assistance. I'm off to the bathroom for some personal time
  3. OK. Thanks for the pointers. Been trying to find a straight guide to the machines etc in Voltz.. seems a bit sporadic at the moment. Automatic cow farm... Wow... those guys multiply well on their own without my help! I will keep Volting then. Doing it in receipe mode, and spent two straight evenings just mining for ores. Thought a good stock would stand me well. Off a Googling I go again then..
  4. I looked about on Wiki, Google etc. Saw the Fusion reactor and Nuclear reactor. But once they are built, what do you use the power for? In Tekkit you ran Quarries, large sorting systems, refined oil etc Only thing I can see might be a rail system or something. The power tool surely just gets me more ore quicker.. to sit in my chests.
  5. OK. After being nagged to death by my son, I have got up and running with Voltz. Got a house, got TONS of ores and ingots (why can't you smelt silver dust?). Got metallurgic infusers, heat generator, coke ovens, enrichment chambers, coal generator and batt box. 50 cows and 30 sheep having way more sex than me. What now? Is the only end goal in Voltz basically weapons?
  6. Tekkit/Technic/Voltz... walk away. FTB lives

  7. Tekkit/Technic.... DEAD. Forum mods=twats.... lets move one people

  8. I just added the sounds to the IC nuclear control sound folder. They don't appear in the howler sound list however unless you leave the world and log back in again.
  9. You have to convert the sound file to .ogg like Kiwi says. I found that you also need to put a low level tone in the background of whatever the sound effect is. This then continues past the end of the sound clip.... I will explain. I have loads of sound effects (elevators, machines etc) plus about 50 voice effects (reactor on/off, temps etc). I found that if you just had a clip of the voice for saying for instance 'Core temperature 500 degrees', it would instantly loop the sound as soon as the voice finished saying the text. So it was impossible to just say the text once. I have
  10. Its a special feature of Tekkit I have found. It waits until you build some amazing layout, and have poured days into building impressive systems.... Then it cacks itself and you are back at square one
  11. I wish I understood what ForgeBukkit and all the associated terms actually were... is there anywhere to read up on how all these items/mods/systems work in relation to Minecraft/Tekkit? Everyone always seems to be blaming someone else for something not working or for not playing nice.
  12. Get used the the rudeness JackOfSpades.... Its all you get
  13. Well whatever the reason, it doesn't look like I can retrieve the lost stuff. The one night I didn't backup the drive .... grrr
  14. Well I spent an evening rolling back/forwards etc. Unknown reason for the loss. The last world I was working on had a huge 20 level frame lift and when I reloaded the world - there was a massive hole in the floor of the base, which had also erased all my elevator. Its not like the marble floor was all missing... just this one big hole. So I checked another world I have and nearly all the railcraft track has disappeared (but a few bits remain). The bits missing are not the last bits that were installed either Totally bizarre and its getting tiresome trying to keep fixing worlds tha
  15. FTB... Its the way forward

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