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  1. the server is on all the time and malamid are u whitelisted i dont think so
  2. ace i got a prob i dont know what u have done that day when u chanched some stuf in my firewal but sinds that day i cant join a mc server i dont no why it cant conect what have u done?
  3. guys my friend dont know whats wrong with it will be up but it shut it self down evry 2 hours i dont have time to reset it self manual if ace could take a look at it to fix it that would be great ace should i remove the plugin?
  4. I mean i wil put it on and it wil shut his self down in 2 Hours so join
  5. Hey Guys oke my friend is looking at THE server right now to look whats wrong:( If we succed THE server wil be up Again i wil put it on now put it will shut his self down in 2 hours
  6. guys sry that the server was not on i think we need to chance something in the system because the automatic restrat plugin doesn't work
  7. Ace wtf man i was a few days away i left the server on i came back and ur restart program shuts the server down and dont restart it!?wtf is wrong with it it says cant find launch.sh
  8. Guys i stayed over at a friend and leeft THE server on but someone dos THE server let it crash so
  9. Hnsdieter i will accept u but u need waait what ace our admin is thinking about it
  10. and dilla2 i think u a good person oke we will see i will whitelist u if u are good and not griefing u can stay just tel ur mc name
  11. ooh Ace me 2:( guys if u wana play on the server say on iin the chat
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