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  1. Ace thats why u need to install THE auto restart plugin because when THE server is a white on it crash so when it wil restart evry 3 Hours it wont crash
  2. I took THE memory out and some other stuf and i am going to build it in my other pc so i think it will take a long time i promis that THE server wil be up next week i hope so:(()
  3. yea guys srry i shuted the srever down yesterday but from this day it will be 24/7:D
  4. and if its not working go to tekkit website download the new launcher and update tekkit space
  5. Oke Guys THE server is back on track there is lag sometimes. We need to accept it for like 2-4 weeks i will fix it so fast i can. THE problem is money so u have to do with it:) THE important thing is that he is back
  6. oke guys we are going to fix the prob with Ace tomorow i think we can launch the server tomorow or saturday:D
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