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  1. I just want to share to you about my Aether project in survival mode in a custom modpack with just the Aether mod in it. The version of this modpack is 1.0, so there's no commands. As you might know, the Aether portal is like the Nether portal just with water and glowstone. So to make the portal in the future, I made an obsidian array in my first mine. I have a small 10x5 shack made out of cobblestone and right now I'm in the search of diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe to mine the obsidian. Further information (No, I am not going to spam this up with "I am breaking this dirt block", "now I'm at the stone layer", etc., just the larger parts like "I finally found diamonds, now I'm going to make the portal", "Just lost all my stuff", etc.) on the project will be posted on here.
  2. Can you give me the link to the page? What do I do with the old launcher?
  3. So 0.5.7 is the old launcher? Show me screenshots of wheat the old and new launcher would look like. I haven't changed my launcher since January of 2013.
  4. What is the old launcher? My Tekkit Lite version is actually 0.5.7. I also have a question: When my mods are back, will my progress from my world be back or is it gone forever?
  5. Title: All mods gone after loading a custom pack Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 Home Preuim Java Version: Java 7.11 (Oracle corporation) Description of Problem: I loaded custom pack 3 with no mods, just checking it out so I can make a pack with the Ather mod. I download the Ather mod, but I gave up, leaving the custom pack untouched. I also loaded Hack/mine, Voltz, and Yogbox. I go back to playing Tekkit Lite, and then I load up my world. It shows a big list of missing mods. I click yes and everything from a mod was gone! I look in the mods folder and the whole thing is empty! Error Messages: Error Log:
  6. Title: NEI acting up Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 Home Preuim Java Version: Java 7.11 Description of Problem: NEI isn't working properly. Whenever I click the noon button, instead of setting the time to 600 ticks, it sets it to like, 3000000000 ticks. There's no delete mode nor a game mode button and the item list is blank saying at the top (0/0). An error report was sent to the Tekkit Lite file. There's something wrong with the bq and bu class file and the log says that NEI is 1.4.5. Error Messages: Error Log: NEI Version: java.lang.ClassCastException: bu cannot be cast to bq at codechicken.nei.NEIClientConfig.loadWorld( at codechicken.nei.ClientPacketHandler.handleSMPCheck( at codechicken.nei.ClientPacketHandler.handlePacket( at codechicken.core.PacketCustom$ClientPacketHander.handle( at codechicken.core.PacketCustom$CustomPacketHandler.onPacketData( at at at at ayh.a( at di.a(SourceFile:59) at cf.b( at ayh.d( at ayu.c(SourceFile:31) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.l( at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.J( at at Source)
  7. I want to know how do I edit Tekkit with MCEdit. Do I have to use a new program like MCEdit or can I use the regular MCEdit? I need to know this because I'm planning to make a map that has a boat that's 110 blocks long but because it's not in water I want to import the boat as a schematic.
  8. Do I need to make an archive? [answered] [answered] If I can finish the mod pack without the "making the archive" progress, do I have to make the folder named ..? If I have to put in the .. folder, what are the contents, what is in that folder? And how do I send the custom file to 7-zip? And if you look at my last comment, it says I tried to make a mod pack but it didn't work (I only had one mod in it).
  9. I'm having the exact same problem. For come reason, all my IC2 blocks' heads are facing the adjacent side than it was in the past.
  10. Title: Tekkit Lite updating every time I log in Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 Home Preuim 64 bit Java Version: 7.10 Oracle Corporation 64 bit Description of Problem: Every time I log into Tekkit Lite, I keep getting that message saying that there's an update. I want to keep up to date, so I update. It's not really an update, it does stuff, but instead of resetting everything like Rei's Minimap, it doesn't do anything but annoy me. Error Messages: Error Log:
  11. I've been having this error lately where NEI crashes when trying to use it. I saw a message saying that the latest update for NEI will not crash. How do I update NEI?
  12. I've seen a message saying that I can update NEI and it won't crash anymore. How do I do this?
  13. I tried downgrading and updating development builds, not working on any of them. Also, more details, when I go into NEI, the menu is blank and at the top it says (0/0), as if there's no items nor blocks in Minecraft. And some of the features are missing, like toggling rain and delete mode and healing the player. Even the bar that has the - and + button near it is blank, no numbers or anything. Please help, I cannot play Tekkit without NEI!