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  1. new update out in this version there is a fuel cell machine
  2. i spawned in an empty area what happened
  3. this house without any Technic elements is on planet minecraft also if you want it
  4. This is my original JW RR but with elements from Technic pack like a quarry red power lights this works on Technic pack version 7.2.7/1.2.5 latest i don't know how well it works on recommended a big Technic pack update all rails even the ones that goes to the snow biome is reinforced rail from railcraft it has an mini geothermal power plant with auto fuel supply it has light blocks from red power it has a quarry it has an EE condenser setup so much more than i can even think of. if you want to download its on planet minecraft please tell give me many diamonds if you like it or t
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