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  1. erm, the original electric engines are really bad, but with the adjustable ones set to max and with loads of power, theyre insanely fast, like a stack every second. and i will add some gold pipes when i next egt a chance, thank you for the suggestion
  2. All of the recyclers, the macerator and the furnace have the optimal number of energy storage, transformer and overclocker upgrades (5, 3 and 16 respectively), they process ores vastly faster than they come in. Thank you for posting, though, i will amend the orginal post
  3. Just a quick map I built, sorts out the drops from mining. First, it: ->Recycles the crap (cobble, dirt, gravel, flint, marble, thaumcraft gems, sand and sandstone), into diamonds (through two mass fabricators). Then it: ->Seperates the remainder into two groups; one for ores, and the others for materials such as gems, coal, uranium, lapis and diamonds. Finally, it: ->Macerates the ores, smelts them, and puts them into a chest. Inputs: 1, alchemical chest Outputs: 3, alchemical chests, one for diamonds (from recycled crap), one for gems and other non-ore
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