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  1. If you're still here, hop on to #charrdians. I'll hop on the Classic later, thanks for your support. Message to all: Server is about 60% done!
  2. *sigh* - Okay - let's do this: I'm only fourteen, and don't consider myself an "admin pig". The fact you tell me not to even bother if GriefPrevention isn't installed etc kind of disheartens me - why should I bother at all? It's not what killed the server, something, somewhere broke -- and it wasn't our choice that we didn't have a working protection plugin - none of them seemed to work. Kids? Names please.
  3. Announcement (please read for answers - "why is der server down?!?!") I'm so sorry guys, I've kind of given a lack of information - but I'm working on a server revive right now. We'll be facing a complete reset though.. I'll be on #charrdians IRC - you can connect by clicking here. Sorry, guys. Thanks for being an awesome community - remember you can also check out our tekkit classic server with the ip tekkit.charrdians.com If you go to the Classic server - tell them "I'm sorry for being inactive". I also need to work on the website, and about 10,000 other things. "get rid of th
  4. Found this ages ago Very useful but unstable tool. Was the first to discover it in the TekkitLite community, it seems. I look forward to this too, too unstable to use though, so..
  5. I've read your Serverpost "[0.5.1] [bukkit] Charrdians LITE [Mystcraft Disabled]" and.... I read the "Bukkit".... So, is it real Bukkit?

    And, if yes: Could I have a copy of this craftbukkit.jar ? If you agree to send me this, it would be very very very nice.

    The only thing I can tell you is: "Please"

    And I promise I would use it ONLY for me!

  6. There's no whitelist - Mystcraft was removed. Come and join the fun!
  7. Just a little side note- Mystcraft is currently enabled. Before the next server restart, I will judge if it should stay that way. Come and enjoy Mystcraft while you can!
  8. Removing the whitelist - however, if there are too many griefers, the whitelist will be re-enabled. Protection will be offered via WorldGuard - just ask!
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