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  1. If you're still here, hop on to #charrdians. I'll hop on the Classic later, thanks for your support. Message to all: Server is about 60% done!
  2. *sigh* - Okay - let's do this: I'm only fourteen, and don't consider myself an "admin pig". The fact you tell me not to even bother if GriefPrevention isn't installed etc kind of disheartens me - why should I bother at all? It's not what killed the server, something, somewhere broke -- and it wasn't our choice that we didn't have a working protection plugin - none of them seemed to work. Kids? Names please.
  3. Announcement (please read for answers - "why is der server down?!?!") I'm so sorry guys, I've kind of given a lack of information - but I'm working on a server revive right now. We'll be facing a complete reset though.. I'll be on #charrdians IRC - you can connect by clicking here. Sorry, guys. Thanks for being an awesome community - remember you can also check out our tekkit classic server with the ip tekkit.charrdians.com If you go to the Classic server - tell them "I'm sorry for being inactive". I also need to work on the website, and about 10,000 other things. "get rid of the kids on the team" I'd like names via PM please - I do also plan to keep Stramina, but anyhow - I will try and get this done as fast as possible. I'm going to go ahead and assume that you've all gone and found another server, but I guess that's fine, as we weren't always the most stable one. Anyhow, I'm going to go work on this now - have a nice day, and thanks for your continued intrest in the server. /Crafty - Owner EDIT: I've also been fairly busy IRL for once -- anyhow, I'll try my upmost. ETA is one to two days. Thanks if you plan to stick with us <3
  4. Found this ages ago Very useful but unstable tool. Was the first to discover it in the TekkitLite community, it seems. I look forward to this too, too unstable to use though, so..
  5. I've read your Serverpost "[0.5.1] [bukkit] Charrdians LITE [Mystcraft Disabled]" and.... I read the "Bukkit".... So, is it real Bukkit?

    And, if yes: Could I have a copy of this craftbukkit.jar ? If you agree to send me this, it would be very very very nice.

    The only thing I can tell you is: "Please"

    And I promise I would use it ONLY for me!

  6. There's no whitelist - Mystcraft was removed. Come and join the fun!
  7. Just a little side note- Mystcraft is currently enabled. Before the next server restart, I will judge if it should stay that way. Come and enjoy Mystcraft while you can!
  8. Removing the whitelist - however, if there are too many griefers, the whitelist will be re-enabled. Protection will be offered via WorldGuard - just ask!
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