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  1. Oh, ok thanks, I'll look into it :)
  2. That's what I need i didn't find any explanation, overwiew or sth. like that, which could tell me, how mojang/dns/technic/ftb are authenticating their users ....
  3. Hi, I'm currently creating a custom Minecraft-Launcher, my only Problem is, that I don't know, how I can authenticate the user to minecraft.net to check, if he has premium, since the new Auth-System Because the techniclauncher is using an own auth., I'm asking my question here. I don't really know, where exact I should post this Question, so I've put it here Also: I'm german, so if here're mistakes, feel free to tell me Thanks mark332
  4. Do you have OptiFine installed ? If yes, whats your 'Chunk Loading' setting ? If no, try it, maybe it help minecraft loading the chunks...
  5. do you have OptiFine installed ?
  6. Try BukkitForge instead of MCPC+ Bukkit Port, and use ClearLagg then. (/lagg clear) this may solve this, if not... try in SP and look if the problem is the same...
  7. First: I know this is not really redpower, but it's a "remake" of it. I'm one of the guys, who can't live without RedPower2 in any Tekkit(-Lite) Version, so I just asked google for a possibility to use RedPower in 1.6.4.... AND I found this cool "Remake": MC-Forum: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1885652-164forge-multipart-projectred-v40512-10172013/ Website: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46144650/website/projred/downloads.html Video: It's not completed yet, and the frames are missing too, but I think this could make a 1.6.4-TekkitLite-Update WITH RedPower possible
  8. did you deleted both ForgeEssentials files: There's one in "Coremods" and one named "...Modules" in mods
  9. Just syndicate your config files.
  10. I've read your Serverpost "[0.5.1] [bukkit] Charrdians LITE [Mystcraft Disabled]" and.... I read the "Bukkit".... So, is it real Bukkit?

    And, if yes: Could I have a copy of this craftbukkit.jar ? If you agree to send me this, it would be very very very nice.

    The only thing I can tell you is: "Please"

    And I promise I would use it ONLY for me!

  11. WOW I just though the same as I opened the Techniclauncher :DDDDD YAY
  12. Ouhh, I think that would be very difficult to write a code for this.
  13. Hmmm.... I am thinking about ComputerCraft (Example: Fully automatic Missle Bases) ... Yes it would be very nice, I think. PS: Sry, for my english, I'm german...
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