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  1. OP but can be fun if you use other tekkit mods to make more complex and enjoy coming up with ways to use all the mods together so you can mass produce and item!
  2. Yeah condensers are the most useful thing and kind of need one to play tekkit to make sure you have all your resources!
  3. Hi! I am looking for a good server to join, apart from the one I host for my friends and I. Your server sounds like a good one (so far lol!). Anyway I do believe that I have a good knowledge of the workings of the mods in tekkit lite and think that a small server will be fun to experiment some more! Thanks for reading this! Omega P.S my minecraft username is 'triplejanda' (all lowercase)
  4. Everyone was complaining that Technic and Tekkit weren't being updated but if the people behind it said that they were waiting on EE3 for the EMC stuff everyone would have been happy to wait because condensers are the best part of Tekkit and Technic! Hope that the updated Tekkit Lite with the full EE3 is coming soon!
  5. i just got on my own server for tekkit lite and found that my favourite things in tekkit werent there and i had a minor rage quit and shut down the server instantly! hopefully emc and the ability rings are being added soon!!!